Fay Slimm

Small Beginnings.


Small Beginnings.

A brilliant gem of an early morning
is calling to me,
outside is dawning a diamond-day.

Jadest of green grow grass-spears
unfolding between
shimmer of new pearly dewdrops.

While woodwardly and hidden are
bell-heads of sapphire
sporting soft caps of heavenly blue.

Peeking at me the flash of emerald
as snowdrop perfection
adorns its shy petals in taller green.

Tiny round eyes of daisying bloom 
near golden celandine 
embroidering beauty over the lawn.       

What more resources of glory could
ever there be than
an opulence growing under my feet.

Earth-love begins warning me never
to despise the small
beginnings for such riches increase.

In affording time spent on rewards
by collecting freely
hidden Spring-wealth I find fortunes.


  • Mr. Lamar Ingraham

    Your similes of jewels and a morning in Spring are amazing. I can sense the Winter fading as orchards blossom and gardens bloom.

  • willyweed

    I agree with Lamar...beautiful!

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write. Love the picture by William Holman Hunt, possibly my favourite artist.

  • Michael Edwards

    Not so keen on the Raphaelites myself but still recognise the skill in his paintings. Keen on your poetry though and also recognise the skill in your work.

  • orchidee

    Good write.

  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed


    Thanks for caring & sharing FAY ~ the uniqueness and rural beauty of DEVON percolates this gem. Your absence of verse is more than compensated by your strict adherence to metre ! For me a poem must have at least rhyme or rhythm. However it is the subject of the Poem that is ultimately of prime importance, I agree with LAMAR that the elegance of your similes between the "beauty of flowers" and the "joy of morning" are what makes this poem (and the complementary art) very special. Lovely to read ~ even more lovely to recite ~ Thanks B.

  • Pintu Mahakul

    Early morning ever attracts us and our attention sticks to the time of joy. Gem of early morning is calling here with a diamond day. Earth begins with love and never warns to leave love away. Love of light power that gives us shining effect, is nice gem. We find fortunes in this spring morning. Beautiful imagery is drawn here and this is an excellent brilliant poem shared here.

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