Check The Attitude

He has an approach,

Of which I abhor.

Does as little as possible,

And, nothing more.


Disagrees that one,

Should show desire,

Be goal orientated,

Set the bar higher.


He insists,

The more you do,

The boss will want,

More of you.


I say, isn’t that,

How we grow?

In life and work,

Initiative show?


For him, he has,

Been at his station,

Some 30 years,

Of aggravation.


Always doing,

The same old thing.

Never any different,

Not challenging.


But, all that stress,

Sparked surgery.

Slight heart attack,

Permanent injury.


After a while,

He came back to work.

With no change in attitude,

Same old jerk.


I think that he,

Should have quit.

If your job’s so bad,

Be done with it.


He said he’s not,

Going anywhere.

His work days are done,

When he dies in his chair.


For me, the more,

I do, I’ll learn.

A happy, healthy life,

Is what I’ll earn.


And, I will retire,

Won’t die at my desk.

Out enjoying life,

Doing my best.

  • Author: WriteBeLight (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 29th, 2017 06:45
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Angel Smileyface

    awesome write i liked it lol

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks so very much and for saving it too!


      Thanks HONEY ~ excellent ode (as always) and a challenge to us all to check our attitudes. I have worked for BOSSES like those you mention ~ and they are a pain and always spread misery. I like to spread light ~ love and joy ! When I work in laboratories there is always a problem of "BROKEN GLASS IN THE SINK" Technically it is the responsibility of the cleaner to remove it ~ and if not then the Lab Technician. Some ladies don't like having their hands cut ~ so I say to them ~ if there is broken glass tell me and I will remove it and dispose of it safely. One said "It's not your job !" I replied ~ "If it helps you and makes you happy then it is MY JOB !" I always ask WHAT WOULD JESUS DO and He always helped EVERYBODY ~ Being a Carpenter a bit of broken glass would never have bothered Him ! Hugs ~ BRIAN

      • WriteBeLight

        Of this we have in common Dear Brian! So kind of you and a great point of view. I appreciate your input as this is exactly the point I want to make in this poem. My approach to do more than what is expected has paid off quite well. So, I hope there are more people like you out there in the workplace. Thanks again!

      • orchidee

        Yes - I heard: 'Work is part of life; but life (all of it ) is not work!'
        You playing Monopoly Outback?! lol.

        • WriteBeLight

          Thanks orchidee! I am fortunate to have a job I like going to everyday. But, if I have a day where I thinks things might be rough, I try to find a solution or new attitude to tackle the task at hand. Do like the better days much better, though!! HaHa 🙂

        • Michael Edwards

          And many of us have come up against them - great ode.

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks Michael! I feel sorry for those types, really.

          • Bibbeck

            Great write. The right attitude. Work-Life balance - challenge, learn & grow whilst at work to enable enjoyment outside.

            • WriteBeLight

              Yes. I try to find a balance and something to look forward to every day and work day. Thanks for the comment Bibbeck!

            • Goldfinch60

              Good write, we should always forge ahead to achieve new things in our lives.

              • WriteBeLight

                Couldn't agree more Goldfinch. Thanks!

              • Pintu Mahakul

                Boss wants more and insists but this amazes mind. Doing little more as much as possible means a lot and nothing more means to motivate for more. An amazing poem is shared.

                • WriteBeLight

                  Thanks so very much Pintu for your excellent insight. I appreciate your comment!

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