All too little.


Should i tell you a little story i know?
About a young girl who's mind was closed but heart was open.
She tried hard to fit in despite her differences, despite her flaws, despite her inner wishes.
Because she was scared.
She knew the moment she shined like a star the world would put her out like a fire and destroy her hearts desires.
So why would she try?
So why would she try so hard to be who she wanted to be, if who she wanted to be wasn't accepted by society?
Why would she put those purple strands in her hair?
And shake her body like she didn't care.
Why would she sing till she felt like she'd explode, if her voice wasn't what they wanted to hear.

She was a little girl.
No! she was a big girl with little confidence,
When she opened her mouth little sound came out.
And when she tried express herself little courage came out .
Because she was cast away,
Like a stray,
Looking for a place to call to call home.
Now she's looking for a place to be alone.
So she can sit. Isolated. No obligation to conform to the rules of society . No obligation to hide the colours of he personality.
She can let her spirit free and define who she wants to be .

Until the clock strikes 8 on a Monday morning and its back to the bullies, and the nobodies trying to ruin someone who wants to be a somebody.

  • Author: TheBrokenPrincess (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 2nd, 2017 17:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: How i feel about everyday life.The image is by an artist on deviantart who i have forgotten but it is called homesick x
  • Category: Short story
  • Views: 31
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    WELCOME PRINCESS ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ which for me had a sad loveliness ~ straight from your loving heart. I felt a bit like you when I was student ~ doing my best but not really satisfying myself or anybody else ~ but I got through in the end. Working at Mc's isn't too bad and it's better than doing nothing even though the pay is pants ! You will find MPS is a supportive site so you should get some positive feedback ! Pleased you enjoyed my STREAMS POEM and that is the way MPS works ~ we comment reciprocally (good word !) on each others writings and also build up a group of MPS Friends for mutual comment. I see AVI is already your friend ~ she is lovely and her poems are always good advice. Love the picture love Deviant Art ! If you have any Q's about MPS or FUSION POEMS etc or anything ~ please ask ~ use CONTACT ~ OK ~ YOURS BRIAN

    • TheBrokenPrincess

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem and i am glad that you could relate to it. I also enjoyed reading yours and I am hoping to fine a new job soon for various reasons.
      Thank you for the advice and i hope my friendship tree will grow in the near future. If i have any further questions i will ask you
      thank you x

    • Goldfinch60

      Good emotive write, we all go through these times but it can be used as experience to go further in your life. Your Spirit will guide you.
      Welcome to MPS.

      • TheBrokenPrincess

        Thank you and yes i agree it can be some good experience.
        Thank you for the welcome x

      • LML

        Being your self is the best u could be. Good write. The people who are mean to you are talk about you are insucre of them selves and it's not fair of people to make you feel that way. The picture is awsome and the poem is 2. That's some thing great about u. Let no one take You away from you👍🏼

        • TheBrokenPrincess

          I agree but sometimes who i want to be isn't the person i need to be. People are generally mean but i guess life goes on.
          Thank you for taking the time to read my poem and reply
          hopefully my next one wont be so dark XD

          • LML

            Dark poems can be good because they release stress❤️❤️ Keep up the good work🙃

          • swingline

            There will always be bullies in your life . To survive one must develope the skills to defend your sanctity and sanity . It seems there are more cretins , trolls , hacks , and deviants than ever before . Making it tough to follow my advise .

            • TheBrokenPrincess

              Unfortunately you are right. I hope to develop the skills i need to defend my self but for now MPS seems to be quite comfortable and nice.
              Thank you for taking the time to read my poem

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