Friggen Hornets


Oh, those dinks!

They’re on the screen.

Ugly winged creatures,

Just nasty and mean.


Try to find places,

To build their nests.

Disgusting, useless,

Horrid pests.


I’ll do my best,

To fight them off.

Before they build,

Nests aloft.


Where the point,

The roof meets.

I see their hanging,

Dangerous feet.


Because if there’s,

Just one thing,

The dreadful pain,

From their sting.


Mothballs and spray,

My arsenal.

To shoot at them,

And, dead they fall.


Dead and gone,

To buzz, they’re barred.

To hover no more,

As I work in my yard.

  • Author: WriteBeLight (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 4th, 2017 05:21
  • Category: Nature
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  • kevin browne

    ouch, that was a stinging write WriteBeLight. brilliant.

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks Kevin. It is cold again today, so I think that will keep them away for a while. But, they are just horrible and something I dread every summer. Thanks for the comment!

    • Goldfinch60

      God write, stay safe.

      • WriteBeLight

        You too Goldfinch and Thanks!

      • MendedFences27

        Hornets and wasps, yuck! I hate them.It seems I spend a great deal of time just fending them off, destroying their little kingdoms, or nests. Wait for evening and then spray the nest, less chance of being stung. Loved the write. - Phil A.

        • WriteBeLight

          Thanks Phil. That is the best approach. It is what we do too. Called a pest guy couple of years ago and it was worth the $150. He found so many more than I did. So, getting armed and ready! Thanks for the comment.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Ohhhhh HONEY ~ You are in a dangerous mood today ! I love the USA everything is bigger ~ brighter & better ~ the food (and drink) the scenery and the People ! I will never ever forget the Grand Canyon ~ Old Faithful (was that really natural or just a film set ?) ~ Niagara Falls (free to view !) and the Big Sur to mention a few. But there is a price to play ! Hurricanes ~ Tornadoes ~ Real snow ~ Deserts and of course BUGS (and BUGGERS !) I ran into 'roaches in ABILENE TX and the Motel Room was like a Hitchcock Moovie ! Thousands of them it didn't faze the Motel Owner ~ He gave us big tubes of spray and a brush and tray to sweep up the Bodies and being a true Texan ~ He said "No extra charge ~ all part of the service !" So HONEY I forgive you for "Killin' the Hornets" and I still love you ~ Bug free Hugs ~ BRIAN

          • WriteBeLight

            Wow! What a story. So sorry about those disgusting things. Knock on wood, they are not a problem for me. The winters are very cold, so that helps. And, we do not get many threats like tornadoes. I love the United States! I will continue to keep the hornet population as small as possible around my neck of the woods! Thanks so much for the story. Love to hear about your travels in the US 🙂

          • Michael Edwards

            I keep an eye for wasps as they start to build nests (usually in the apex of the garage which seems to be a favourite spot of theirs.) and try to nip them in the bud so to speak.

            • WriteBeLight

              Yes, they love locations like that and anything high above. Moth balls help. I hang a sock filled with a few and hang them, so as not to be noticed, out the window near those types of locations. I supposed they have there place in nature, but not in mine. Thanks Michael. Be careful. They love beautiful landscapes 🙂

            • jlortiz84

              They are nasty little beasties. They got my step daughter right below her eye. Terrible nasty little things with wings.

              • WriteBeLight

                So sorry about the jlortiz84. My son, as well, when one flew through the car window and stung him. Had to run to the pharmacy to get one of those quick, topical remedies as he was in a lot of pain. I hate them and they need to be dealt with every season. I will fight the good fight. Thanks for the comment.

              • Bibbeck

                Give them a bash from me. Hornets and Wasps, yeugh, but Bees I just have to let them bee.
                Bee-rilliant write, WriteBeeLight.

                • WriteBeLight

                  So clever Bibbeck! I will be happy to bash them 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

                • swingline

                  Go to the store and buy some stingease , a liquid you can put on any insect sting or bite and it will illiminate any pain . Then go to the automotive department and buy some cheap starter fluid . You can spray any insect and they die instantly . You can wipe out a whole colony in seconds . Ha ha , I forgot about how great your poem is .

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Thanks swingline. Got my mothballs ready and plan to get more spray. Appreciate the comment!

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