Lizzy Renee

Ode to an Ant




Little ant.

No time to stop,

Not even to pant.

You look on,

Wondering where it lives.

Little Ant, may you walk on,

Some may say.

But others say "Oh, do go away!".

Some may let him go in peace,

But others will bring him under their feet.

Sorry, little ant,

My friends don't care,

But rest assured, I will not snare.

Busy ant, carry on,

Without withdrawn.

The others,

Don't understand.

God made us equal,

Without a strand,

Of better or worse.

Others may mock you,

But Fear Not!

For I will not.

God made us equal,

And I know that,

For I will do you no evil.



    GOD loves Ants and all living things including insects ! In the BIBLE He says "Look at the Ant you sluggards ~ consider her Ways and be wise." God loves Ants and cites them as an example of diligent workers. We should protect them and not stamp on them ! Love the poem and picture ~ Thanks for caring and sharing ~ Hugs Brian

  • swingline

    All life is sacred , those who take life for granted live to reget it . As all life was endowed with the breath of life from God we should not be so flippant with his creations . Not even a sparrow falls that God is not aware . God gave mankind dominion over all creatures of the Earth . But he never gave permission to abuse .

  • Michael Edwards

    A difficult one as I never intentionally or knowingly kill any life form except garden pests when I spray the plants in the garden and set traps for slugs and snails. Beyond that I agree with the sentiments in your great poem.

  • Goldfinch60

    ALL life is wonderful and nothing should be harmed. Good write.

  • WriteBeLight

    Life should be respected! Great thought here Lizzy.

  • RickyMcG

    Really enjoyed this 🙂 I sometimes instinctively risk my own life by swerving out of the way of an animal trying to cross the road! We are all equal on the this earth, whether it was a gods doing or not I do not know.

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