CHARACTER TRAIT ~ An Acrostic Sonnet




C HARACTER  is composite ~ many trait !

H ONESTY ~ Always saying what you mean

A ND  always meaning what you say. Also

R ELIABILITY ~ be consistent

A ND  Friendly ~ this is so so important

C HEERFULNESS  is such an excellent trait

T O have ~ cos nobody loves a GRUMP

E VERY ONE  is different but CHARACTER

R ESULTS  from attitude NOT from your GENES !


T RY  each Day ~ develop positive trait

R ESPOND ~ to all negatives with HUMOR

A POSITIVE  Character is helpful !

I  TRY  to be an ENCOURAGER on

T HIS  site ~ Power of Positive Thinking !


Thank for visiing ~ Comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN


Develop positive attitudes in your Character day by day ! 

  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 8th, 2017 01:46
  • Category: Friendship
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  • Goldfinch60

    My life is always looked at in a positive way in spite of what is thrown in its path.


      AMEN ANDY ! That positive attitude is a reflection of your positive relationship with GOD ~ BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      Positivity - still looking forward to future achievements even in my mid-70s. No vices (apart from wine), exercise every day - very active, always painting, writing, gardening as well as still giving demos, talks, and running art workshops.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Good on you Michael ~ The trait I mentioned did remind me of you ! For a 75 year old you are a great role model ~ Thanks for your Paintings ~ Poetry ~ Personality ~ BRIAN.

      • Mandi

        You are an encourager. Beautiful write๐Ÿ˜Š

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks MANDI ~ For your encouraging comment ~ HUGS BRIAN

        • swingline

          Yes , I see you as having always all of these traits . Praiseworthy indeed , but you left out nonjudgmental which I think you shine .

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks FRIEND ~ You are right ~ as an ENCOURAGER (like Barnabus in the Bible) one has to be as nonjudgmental as possible and take our example from the Master "A bruised reed He did not break" ~ "A smoking flax He will not quench" AMEN ~ BRIAN

          • orchidee

            A fine write B.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks STEVEN ~ comments from excellent Poets ~ like yourself ~ makes all my effort worthwhile. MPS is an awesome site and i love our mutual encouragement ! Blessings BRIAN

            • avigail

              dear Brian
              you are such a positive naive everchild guy
              hugs and love for positive approach

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                OMG AVI ~ I love you and I love your description of me ~ it is very true ~ but it means I am still teachable ! A POSITIVE NAIVE CHILD ~ and may i ever stay so ! Love & Hugs ~ BRIAN XOX

              • Christina8

                Indeed you are an encourager to all you encounter on this site! That's one reason I love reading and writing here. Very nice acrostic! I love all the character traits you wrote about and one more--humor. Gotta have that! ( I see there wasn't anywhere for you too add that ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs! Have a great day! Christina

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thank you CHRIS ~ You are an Encourager as well ! As you say MPS is a nice site and (generally) we all encourage each other. All my poems are "a work in progress" so i am always prepared to make an alteration for someone as lovely as you ! For you and I ~ a sense of humor is very important 24/7 ! Consequently I have altered line TEN to read ~ RESPOND ~ to all negatives with HUMOR. I apologise for serious omission in the original. Thank you ~ Happy Hugs ~ BRIAN

                • WriteBeLight

                  Be a good friend and you will have good friends! Great write.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks HONEY ~ My MOM always says "To have a Friend ~ you must first ~ be a Friend ! Thanks HUGS ~ BRIAN

                  • Dawn Von Rue

                    I love the positivity in your writings. Definitely inspiring!

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