ROSES are the flowers of Love
O so divine sent from Heaven above
SEND them to your BEAU or to your BELLE
EXQUISITE color and such a lovely fragrant smell
SO POP to the flower store buy some roses ~ you will score !
Thanks for reading ~ Please add a Flower Poem ~ Love BRIAN XOX

The Last Flower of Summer
There in the border of green and brown;
This splash of bright colour,
The last flower of summer.
So bright and so beautifully coloured;
Yellow, pink and white;
Among the dull green leaves .
A view that shows life isn’t so dull;
In any life some brightness,
Can always be seen.
A sight that can cheer the most hardened hearts;
Showing that colour can be brought
To everybody’s mundane life.
This dahlia that has so much to say to me;
And maybe to you as well,
The last flower of summer.
This is a very early poem of mine, written many years ago.

(The Welsh Poppy)
Endemic to our lands this gentle flower
with tap roots deep in any soil
makes home in gardens woods and pastures
nestling there in natures foil.
Throughout the year to early fall
from lemon yellow through to red
it bears its graceful bowl shaped flowers
integral there in natures bed.
And when the papery petals die
from pointed capsules turning brown
it casts its small black seeds wide
settling there in natures ground.
( I have a host of these gentle flowers in bloom at the moment including a quite rare bright red form - there is also a double form although I prefer the singles).

GLADIOLI ~ are awesome Flowers
LOVELY colors ~ red ~ yellow ~ blue and
ALL the color combinations ~ orange ~ green
DARK and light mauve ! Real rainbow flowers which
I REALLY love ! Everyone admires my Gladioli ~ perfect
OPULENT ~ extravagant you need a huge border to accommodate a
LOVELY display of over 50 plants in at least five glowing and vibrant colors
IF YOU HAVE never grown GLADIOLI ~ now is the time ~ plant ~ and be amazed
Thanks for reading ~ please add your own Flower Poem ~ XOX

Roses are red
Some in other colors to
Roses are my favorite
Flower to give you

In the Spring they call to me with whispering beauty in a color I am unable to sing. Blue, red, green it all seems like a dream cast my eyes on yonder vast garden as a treat to my eternal delight.



    Very well composed! Unfortunately I find that there are many more writers than readers on this Site! Happy writing, - Raj

  • Merissa

    Really good. Flowers are so beautiful

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