Michael Edwards




         THROUGH THE NIGHT          



Through the night

within the room in which they stayed

through the night.

The candle shed its wavering light

upon the bed in which they laid

as curtains by the window swayed

through the night.





  • Garry

    Very good

  • Goldfinch60

    Good write.

    Is that another pub? If so as I have said before mines a pint of real ale.

    • Michael Edwards

      Yes it's The Staff of Life in Mowsley - and mines a bottle of wine.

    • P.H.Rose

      Really like this Michael
      I love short poems
      That contain a volume

    • orchidee

      A fine write and pic M.

    • swingline

      A pub ? Stately is an understatement . In medieval London there were seven pubs for every church . Prostitutes wore cloaks with yellow hoods , and ale was called stout because it packed a walloping punch . (not really , just sounds like it should )

      • Michael Edwards

        The good old pub - part of English heritage


        MICHAEL ~ Hope burns bright ~ as well it might ~ not just in't Day ~ but "All through the Night !" Love the PUB ~ mine is a pint of "HEN" ~ AMEN ! Please check my Poem ~ Thanks BRIAN

        • Michael Edwards

          Line up behind Goldfinch - but mines still a bottle of wine.

        • WriteBeLight

          Poem and picture work so well together!

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