The Innocence of Pens.

The pen dips in the ink,

The nib approaches the paper.

What word will it write?

Will that word start words of wisdom?

Words of humour?

Words of love?

The pen will never know

Until the person who wields it

Writes that word.

The pen can be dangerous,

But the danger comes from the writer,

Comes from the words,

The words they force,

Force the pen to write.

The pen is always innocent.


  • orchidee

    Yes, and why did that bad workman blame his tools for the shoddy job he did?! A fine write G.

  • P.H.Rose

    Love this GF60,
    The pen is innocent
    And can be mightier
    Than the sword...
    Absolutly spot on...

  • Michael Edwards

    A great piece G - when drawing I often use a twig dipped in ink - so unpredictable but delightfully spontaneous.

    • Goldfinch60

      Thank you Michael. I try and do calligraphy and have used all types of pens including a quill, I love using dip pens though, there is something about them that seems to talk to me.
      My problem with calligraphy though is that I am concentrating so had on the formation of the letters that the spelling sometimes goes out the window. I wrote a fifteen line poem for my Church last year and mad a spelling mistake on the fourteenth line, I do think I said something like "I do wish I hadn't have done that!"

      • Michael Edwards

        Words like 'oh piffle' came to mind no doubt.

      • swingline

        Yeah you can't pen that on your tools .


        THANKS ANDY ~ It's the moving HAND doth write ~ and having writ moves on ! Nor all thy piety and with can move it back or cancel half a line ~ nor all thy tears wash out a word of it ! Don't blame the PEN ~-+
        blame the BRAIN that guides the HAND ! I once typed an intimate Love Letter to a Lady Friend and sent to my whole mail box by mistake 1 I got some funny looks off the Church Elders (on my list) ! The positive outcome was that ten of the Ladies on my list ~ made me an offer. MORAL: Be guarded in what you write ~ and even more guarded to whom you send it ! BRIAN

        • Goldfinch60

          There is a Portuguese proverb that goes "If you write a letter in anger walk slowly to the mail box"

        • Diamond

          Loved this writing Goldfinch. Reason why I discarded some of my writings that may likely encourage the reader to feel the way I felt which was not a constructive approach to encounter a crisis.

        • WriteBeLight

          Kind of like a metaphor in a way, Goldfinch. People like to point the finger, when it is obvious they are the person guilty of what they are blaming others for, in this case blaming the pen who is just the messenger.

          • Goldfinch60

            You could be right, the guilty always try to blame others.

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