Michael Edwards








So Nicola wants another vote

independence, that’s the call

I think we’d better get a quote

for the reconstruction of Hadrians wall.


(To explain the above I think I oughter

give an explanation for our friends cross the water:

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister

a canny politician and feisty inquisitor

Hadrians Wall built by the Romans

It ran between England and Scotland unbroken).





Michael Edwards © May 2017


  • Goldfinch60

    If that is so I think that I would rather be the Northern side of that wall than the Southern, totally unexpected from a person born in Kent!

    • Michael Edwards

      You might be right Goldfinch - it\\\'s a great country.
      And I was born in Norf Lunden with Irish and Welsh blood in my veins ( plus a bit of Dutch).

      • Goldfinch60

        Nit to brag of course but I was born in ROYAL Tunbridge Wells but was brought up in Rochester and the Medway Towns, now living in the Midlands.

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      • orchidee

        A fine write M.

      • swingline

        Mountains , fields , trees and clouds . As I stare at the painting I realize I been there many times before . Build the wall , maybe you can get Mexico to pay for it . Maybe it will keep that Scotch whiskey from being smuggled south . Maybe a rock band can make a conceptual C D based upon "The Wall."

        • Michael Edwards

          If it's gong to stop the Scotch I'll oppose it - as for a rock band - The Stone Roses, The Stones (Oh no they're rolling - we need them to stand still - can't have a moving wall).

          • swingline


          • WriteBeLight

            It is man's and woman's desire to be free to have real independence. I love my country and wish all people could have the freedom of thought and the life they choose. Great thought-provoking poem Michael.

            • Michael Edwards

              I can fully accept independence - after all that's what Brexit is all about but conversely it would be a shame to see the break up of the UK.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Robert Burns ~ To a Mouse
              Still thou art blest ~ compared wi' me
              The present only toucheth thee:
              But OCH ! I bakward cat my e'e
              On prospects drear !
              An' forward ~ tho' I canna see
              I guess an' FEAR !

              These are my sentiments on another Scotish Independence Referendum. I was raised in the NW od England and we were very conscious that the UK consisted of FOUR EQUAL PARTS ! Scotland ~ N Ireland ~ Wales and in the deep and murky South ~ England. If Scotland seceded we would gain NOTHING and ovenight we would lose Haggis ~ Bagpipes ~ Scottish Dancing ~ Single Malt Whiskey ~ The Kilt and Scottish Salmon and Arbroath Smokies etc etc ! . Its not a WALL we need ~ it's a straight Jacket for NICOLA ! Yours BRIAN "Preserve the Union"

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