PRAYER  is an opportunity to talk directly to GOD

PRAYER  is available to everybody and anybody 24/7  

PRAYER  has no barriers ~ it is open to Saints & Sinners !

PRAYER  has no barriers of Class ~ Creed ~ Culture ~ Country


PRAYER  can be in any Language and anywhere & anytime  

PRAYER  is FREE and requires no Technology or hocus~pocus

PRAYER  cleanses ~ invigorates ~ empowers ~ enables 

PRAYER  is always heard ~ by GOD ~ and always answered 


PRAYER  is answered directly and through Scripture & circumstance

PRAYER  is made in Faith in God's existence and 24/7 availabilty

PRAYER  can be individually & in private or it can be corporate & open

PRAYER  to GOD can be offered anywhere and in any position ~ AMEN


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Spiritual Love to All ~ BRIAN


As a Christian I pray three times a day ~ Morning ~ Noon ~ Night

Have you prayed today ?  I have shared my Joy & Pain with GOD




  • Goldfinch60

    Prayer is so important and can be done at any time of even continuously within your Spirit. Good write.


      AMEN ANDY ~ The Bible encouirages us "To Pray without Ceasing" an awesome concept. Thanks for your comment ~ BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      Even though it has no meaning for me, my wife is a catholic and I have seen the benefits she derives from it with peace of mind so I do appreciate this poem.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks MICHAEL for your very gracious comment. I have many Catholic Friends and in my extended Family. Catholics have great personal & corporate Faith in GOD and in personal an corporate Prayer. To have a Godly Wife is an infinite Blessing ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN

      • Aamina

        i like this it reinforces my beliefs. i too pray five times a day and find peace in it.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Bless You Aamina ~ As you testify ~ regular daily prayer reinforces your FAITH and gives you Inner Peace ~ AMEN. Yours BRIAN

        • orchidee

          A fine write B. It's a poor show in some places where prayer is muttering or mumbling, and just for a few minutes. But I couldn't stand that sort of 'prayer' much longer than that! Yep, it happens in 21st Century places today. It's awful - and not in the sense of 'awe-ful'.

        • orchidee

          I've even heard some say that hymn-line at the end is 'twee'. They don't want to depend on God. THEY want to do it themselves.

          • orchidee

            I mean this 'dependence' in our individual relationship with God. I can see that we should not be dependent on other humans, in a sort of 'nanny' or 'child-minding' (or 'adult-minding') way. There's a psychological condition of 'inter-dependence', a sort of obsessional dependence on another person. I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist, so I'm no expert in it. Phew! That's enough long words from me for now. I shall run out of ink! lol.

          • swingline

            I remember Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane so hard he sweated blood on his brow . It must be very important .

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Sometimes BROTHER in times of great sorrow and stress there is an intensity in our Prayers ~ which paradoxically is both FRIGHTENING and REASSURING ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN

            • Fay Slimm.

              Prayer is a vital gift to all human beings and so good to see its benefits listed here Brian.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Yes indeed FAY it is a unique gift ~ which all Christians accept ~ but we don't always give it its true place in our lives ! Yours B.

              • rodent witch

                This is a really good. I rarely ever pray because I get so caught up in life and forget how important prayer is. This poem perfectly sums it up.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks MIA ~ Pleased you liked it ~ We should never be too busy to PRAY ! Yours BRIAN

                • ShannonXx

                  Really lovely poem, great to see religion in your poems 🙂

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks SHANNON ~ without God our lives can become meaningless ~ Yours BRIAN XX

                  • Augustus

                    We,are all praying for the Kingdom and Europe as a whole and especially Manchester. Nicely done.

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      AMEN BROTHER "A" ~ Prayer is great unifier and many in MANCHESTER are still suffering and shattered lives (some only TEENS being rebuilt. Prayfor Saturday's Concert when ARIANA is bravely coming back again ~ AMEN BRIAN

                    • Rajkumar

                      Nicely said brain..prayer brings peace in me

                      • BRIAN & ANGELA

                        Thanks FRIEND ~ I agree with you ~ When we commune with our Creator God ~ it does give us INNER PEACE & CALM ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

                      • Gary Edward Geraci

                        Brian's poem mentions "anywhere and anytime." I couldn't agree more! One's workplace can be a place for daily and continuous prayer to God. Honest work done well can be our gift; our act of worship to the Lord. I am privileged to pray daily with Evangelicals, Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterian, and many other Christian denominations at my place of employment: the US Government (Department of Agriculture). Prayer is something God doesn't need (He's not lacking in any area)- when we give it to him, it's like a child reaching into his father's wallet for a dollar and then gifting it back to him later. Prayer is something we need and we must fully choose to partake in it. Many, many, many people choose not to pray, and pursue selfish interests instead - war , Outback, is the unfortunate outcome and has been part of our fallen condition since the first Fall.

                        • Gary Edward Geraci

                          We're used to being viewed as if we have six heads Outback - It helps too that I used to be an agnostic (practical atheist) and so I have a general idea of where you are coming from. Emphatically, having lived on both sides, there's far more freedom on the side of Christ brother. I don't make money on any of my apostolic activities nor have I ever asked for donations. Mine is all self-donation - a gift of self that has born fruit for many others - for that, I count myself blessed.

                          • Gary Edward Geraci

                            Outback - I inserted your name above only to draw your attention to the answer I was trying to make to your earlier question regarding "why does God allow war (I'm paraphrasing your original question). By no means did I intend to insult you. My apologies to you if you were offended good man.

                          • Christina8

                            Love your poem on prayer. Prayer is personal to each person but I think it's awesome that it can be done anytime, anywhere. Especially in times like these! Spiritual hugs--Christina

                            • BRIAN & ANGELA

                              AMEN CHRIS ~ Thanks for your positive response and I agree ~ "In times like these" We all need God in our lives 24/7. Yes PRAYER is a miracle very second millions are PRAYING in thousands of different LANGUAGES and each one is logged and answered ! Despite this God's PRAYER NET never gooes into breakdown ~ it makes MSN look like a Baby's Rattle ! Keep Praying AMEN ~ Hugs in the Spirit ~ BRIAN

                            • aciaa.

                              Prayer is important you are right.
                              prayer and God is what wakes me up everyday.

                              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                                AMEN SISTER ~ Love the positivism in your comments ! I trust and pray your BUBBLE is less stretched today ! It is so so important to Prray each Morning and commit your day (Bubbles and all) to GOD ~ Pray again at NOON and of course at NIGHT. Milk and honey is a good night drink for peaceful sleep ~ but PRAYER is even more effective. Every Blessing ~ Your Friend BRIAN.

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