Michael Edwards






Why cannot restaurants serve food on the plate ?

You know what I mean

it’s something you’ve seen

it’s a silly practice I always berate.


Chips served on end in a pail-like container

make me want to shout

oh please turn them out

but I’ve never been much of a complainer.


Peas presented in a porcelain jug

so you need a spoon

or else they’d be strewn

over table, other diners, your lap and the rug.


A steaming hot pie in a burning hot pot

oh how I wish

they would simply dish

it straight on the plate so why do they not?


A sheet of newspaper underneath your fried fish

is something I fear’s

quite a daft idea

which certainly doesn’t enhance the dish.


Trying to be clever? Is that why they do it:

trying to be arty ?

perhaps a bit farty ?

so someone please tell me: Why do they pursue it?







  • Goldfinch60

    The pie in a pot is the one that gets me, perhaps it is too hard for them to get it out, I certainly struggle sometimes and end up with burnt fingers and pie everywhere, except on the plate. Good write and very true Michael.

    • Michael Edwards

      Yes the pie in a pot is the worst but I do hate the paper under the fish - it gets awful if you use vinegar or sauce of any kind. Bet Harold never had these problems. Thanks G.

    • orchidee

      I thought only babies had dishes with separate compartments. Or cats and dogs?! A fine write and pic M.

      • Michael Edwards

        Cats dogs and babies - perhaps that's the category they see us in as we get older. Ta muchly O.

      • swingline

        I can relate . Nothing like dinner served on a plate .

        • Michael Edwards

          Nothing like dinner served on a plate
          as long as the waiters not overweight.
          For if he is the plate will break
          and that'll be the end of your juicy steak.

          • swingline

            I had steak for lunch today ! On a plate ! Yay !

          • Augustus

            Must be a British thing. My beef is the tons of paper, plastic waste. I have no answer. Dishwashing has its effect on the environment as well. Kudos.

            • Michael Edwards

              Don'y you have food served in this way in the States? Must agree about waste - even fruit and veg are becoming more difficult to buy loose these days.

              • Augustus

                Mostly on plates save for take out. In southern Louisiana there is a tradition to serve crab, crawfish, and shrimp on a table covered with newspaper. After removing the shell and eating the delicate inside you are left with a pile of the exoskeletons that can be wrapped up in the paper underneath.
                Not sure what they are doing now as most newspapers are going out of business.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                In the trade (well in our Traning Restaurant) we call it "deconstructed". The idea is that (like Spanish PLATAS) you serve all the elements of the meal separated. Fries in pail ~ peas in a jug ~ pie in a dish ~ gravy in BOAT ! etc etc. I love SUNDAY DINNER at me Mums ~ you get everything on the plate whether to want it or not. She has special mega-plates for Christmas Dinner. My worst experience of "Pie in a Pot" was shooting it on to the floor ~ trying to drill through the crust . We even deconstruct Strawberry Meringue !Meringue on the plate ~ straws in a bucket and cream in a jug ! Being a SCOUSER I love the fish wrapt in the Daily Mirror ! Thanks BRIAN.!

                • Michael Edwards

                  Ah wrapped in real newspaper to take out - now that's something else.

                • WriteBeLight

                  Great write about the frustration Michael. We pay so very much to relax and enjoy a meal out, and sometimes get the short end of the stick. Very, very annoying. Great job!

                  • Michael Edwards

                    I am a bit of a stickler for good food and etiquette but cannot stand this modern fad of serving up a meal in different receptacles - as PH says: it all a bit poncy! Are you familiar with that word in the States. On a similar matter I play international scrabble and have just had to explain the meaning of 'yonks' to a player in America. Might be a poem using language only known this side of the great wet divide, Ah I see both words are not recognised on this site (being American) as they are both underlined in red.

                    • WriteBeLight

                      Poncy being over rated? I would have to agree. And thanks again!

                    • P.H.Rose

                      Ha ha Michael this
                      Is absolutely spot on
                      I am in your team
                      Bloody hate these,
                      Poncey people...

                      • Michael Edwards

                        Ahh - kindred spirits - you\'ve summed it up well: Poncey !!

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