Michael Edwards




Young Reginald had a large nose

On which birds of all types would repose.

This at first he enjoyed

but he soon got annoyed

when they crapped down the front of his clothes.



  • Frank Prem

    That's always going to be a problem, Michael.

    • Michael Edwards

      Bat's are an even bigger problem - especially the guano on the top lip.

    • Goldfinch60

      My first smile of the day, thank you Michael.

    • orchidee

      Oh lol. Nose as big as a bird's perch!

      • Michael Edwards

        Quite useful but you do need a large hanky.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        There was a young Girl from Divizes
        Whose EARS* they were different sizes
        One was so small ~ it was no use at all
        But the other ~ it won several prizes
        *Could be FEET ~ ETC ETC !

        Thanks MIKE for another limmy and another

        Please check my ICE CREAM Poem & Fusion
        Thanks BRIAN

        • Michael Edwards

          'ear 'ear Brian. I've 'eard that ear 'eard wot the other ear 'eard but the other ear 'eard it first.

        • swingline

          Ohhhhhhhhhhh !

        • Louis Gibbs

          Well done, Micheal! It's a pleasure to run across well written humor in our usually heavy offerings.

          • Michael Edwards

            Ah thank you Louis - I do write quite a bit of heavy stuff but often get more fun out of writing a bit of nonsense and the limerick is an ideal platform. When it comes to serious work I do wish more poets could write about subject matter other than their own direct personal experiences - to do so is the mark of a good poet. Sorry - I could go on and on - thanks again for your kind comment.

            • Louis Gibbs

              I totally agree, Michael. The younger poets, it seems, haven't had enough life experience to draw from in their poetry, outside of what they are feeling now. Would you agree?

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            • Augustus


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