Dear Friends of MPS

Fix your thoughts on what is TRUE


On what is PURE & LOVELY


Fill your Hearts with things that are WORTHY OF PRAISE

Let no BITTERNESS or REVENGE dwell in your HEARTS

Let the PEACE OF GOD ~ which surpasses all

Understanding ~  Fill & guard your Hearts & Minds

And the GOD of PEACE will be with you ~ AMEN !


Paul's Letter to the Church @ Philippi  Chapter 4 vs 7 8 9.


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX 



  • Goldfinch60



      Thanks ANDY ~ much appreciated in these sad times ~ BRIAN

    • Fay Slimm.

      A sincere Amen to this remembrance of recent London and Manchester atrocities Brian - - the text you chose has wise admonition to leave vengeance to God and pray for those left with much grief.

      • orchidee

        Not to reply on behalf of Brain - but thoughtful and sensitive comment Fay, I think!

      • kevin browne

        we are at war !

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THAT IS TRUE KEVIN ~ Which is why our normally very tolerate UK Police are now forced to shoot to kill ~ which makes our market places WW3 Battle Fields ~ Thanks BRIAN

        • swingline

          That's why they are called terrorist because they do not fight soldiers but attack innocent civilians who cannot protect themselves . Like a fungus that attacks a garden , you can't treat each plant individually but must treat the whole garden to destroy it . And the same for terrorist . You must attack the whole problem worldwide or it will keep coming back . A fungus doesn't care what plant it destroys but that it must destroy .

          • orchidee

            I feel you're right S. Similarly, the story of the wheat and weeds. At present, the weeds are not pulled up (some at be thought), in case some of the wheat is pulled up with them. The weeds are left until the final judgement. Then a ghastly symbolism - of hell-fire for the weeds?

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Yes unfortunately ~ that is why the normally tolerant UK Police ~ now have to adopt a Shoot to Kill Policy ~ This of course sends them straight to Hell and not Paradise as they are deluded enough to believe ~ When will they ever learn ? Thanks BRIAN

            • ShannonXx

              A very fine tribute

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks SHANNON ~ we need to be vigilant ~ but the BIBLE teaches that in the end GOOD (GOD) wll overcome EVIL (DEVIL) ~ AMEN ~ Thanks for your comment ~ BRIAN XX

              • orchidee

                That's it Brian, I think! Things get into people's MINDS, and then control or take-over them. Evil video games for children; murders on TV (load of rubbish really), etc don't help either.

              • orchidee

                The lesser of two evils Brian? I doubt mad men would respond to 'Now please put those knives down and come along quietly'.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  To me (as a Pacifist) that is another tragedy that to prevent the possibility of explosive vests ~ our Police have to adopt a "Shoot to Kill" policy for the greater good. I agree that we are not dealing with petty thieves who normally carry a blade (but not a gun in the UK) but we are dealing with madmen who have sold their souls to Satan and would not respond to reason ~ consequently they sacrifice their lives and end up in HELL not PARADISE ~ Thanks for your comments ~ BRIAN

                • Michael Edwards

                  My daughter in law was at the scene just an hour before it happened last night. Thankfully our police do not routinely carry arms - but grateful to those who do. They were magnificent in getting to the scene and resolving it within 8 minutes of the call - must be the best police force in the world.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    That is worrying a relative of min was at the Manchester concert ~ we are all touched by evil and it is frightening. The knives carried by these people are lethal combat knives and can kill. The main reason the Police "shot to kill" was that they believed the three Men were wearing explosive vests which would have killed dozens in a restricted place. I pray for their Parents who may well be respectable Muslim Citizens and now grieve for their BOYS. These Terrorists of course end up in HELL (or perhaps you believe oblivion) but NEVER PARADISE and the Celestial Virgins ~ they have been promised. mnay folk i have spoken to today believe they are better off DEAD than having to face trial and the consequences of their actions. They don't have a happy time in Prison ! Thanks BRIAN

                    • Michael Edwards

                      I've just heard my nieces boyfriend who is a member of the terrorist squad is on duty today at the scene.

                    • Hopey_xx

                      A heartfelt tribute and great write to a hard time in our country.

                      • BRIAN & ANGELA

                        THANKS FRIEND ~ It is a sad time ~ I'm trying to put some perspective into what is another tragedy or the UK ~ Hugs BRIAN

                      • Augustus

                        I will pray for you but in several generations the whole of Europe will not be recognizable if this keeps up. Next will be your sacred monuments, your libraries, your laws and your culture. Even now your women are being raped. Few report it. This is a cancer set upon the world. God I hope I am wrong, but Good deeds never go unpunished.

                        • BRIAN & ANGELA

                          Well some of us will still be around in 2050 which is forecast by the Prophets of Gloom to be the beginning of the end ! If one understands the Book of Revelation ~ we are living in the END TIMES ! Watch this SPACE ~ BRIAN

                          • Augustus

                            Sorry to be so negative, when you were hurting so and asking for prayers. I guess it represents my own frustration and hopelessness with this horrific problem. You are loved and cherished. I am praying.

                          • Christina8

                            Praying for peace in London and a wonderful and safe trip for you! Amen to your wonderful poem! Hugs--Christina

                          • puppylove17

                            I haven't been on in a while but I am praying for you across the pond Brian! I needed that poem and it's lovely. Keep up the amazing work!

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