Michael Edwards






I have a little dogfish and I take it to the park

It often wags its tail - it’s a shame it cannot bark

it doesn’t like the collar and it doesn’t like the lead

and when it comes to discipline it simply takes no heed

so if you ask I’ll tell the truth, I’ll certainly not be lying

it’s not a pet I’d recommend, it’s simply not worth buying.






  • orchidee

    Good fun write and pic M.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good fun write and cartoon.

  • Renzi

    Awh damn! I better go cancel that order i placed on friday for that pedigree dogfish! Lovely fun poem 🙂

    • Michael Edwards

      You could get a catfish instead.

      • Renzi

        Haha, i've seen that tv show, No cat fish for me, i'll keeo my cat that moved into grannies across the street because puppy dog here drives him mad 🤣🙈

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

      • burning-embers

        There was a man bought a fish.
        Took it home splish, splash, splish.
        It didnt bark, was averse to his chatter.
        So he ate it next day, off a silver platter.
        Nice one mate love zany humour.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks MICHAEL | loved the picture & the poem ! Even though I'm limited to "Fish for pets" I think CATFISH are too ugly and DOGFISH a paradox ! You orter take him the worter ! NB DOGFISH are always male the females are called BITCHFISH and I've met some ! BRIAN Please check my today's poem - Thanks B

        • Michael Edwards

          tell me about the bitchfish - at least you don't get bitchmen.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Ohhhhhhh MICHAEL - Where have you been ? Our COLLEGE deals with FASHION and HAIR & BEAUTY and those two professions are replete with BITCHMEN and of course BITCHWOMEN - also Arts and the Media. Dogfish can be tamed but BITCHFISH bite your hand off - and then begin the dicussion. Man Centipede bad bad - but a Woman Centipede is more than BAD (Calypso) the Moral i - Never mess with the Female of any Species - OK BRIAN

          • ShannonXx

            A very fun write, really enjoyed reading

            • Michael Edwards

              So pleased tit gave you a smile. Thanks for looking in.

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