Fay Slimm.

I Am Cloud.



I Am Cloud.


I am Cloud, the powerful offspring
of air, water and earth.

Like a blanket I hang under Sun's heat, binding his fire
away from low thrones with my cold fleece.

I Cloud am skilled at basking below heaven's blue dome
to nurse sky's mood as
I scan the air carrying blasts of wind for anything
daring to trespass on my line of duty.

I sleep in the restive arms
of hurricanes and wrap snow-storms under my toes.

I am Cloud who hides bolts of lightning
between huge thighs,
who controls every rain-shower and who can send hail's
deluge on all who offend my pride.

Yet I often allow that maiden Moon to peep into my
bedroom or break through my roof.

I have to smile too when night-stars play
hide and seek round the edge
of my white flimsy frock and shine like dots of elfish
diamonds when they
find a hole or two in my overcoat pocket.

Sunsets and rainbows induce me to stretch horizontally,
broadening myself in their colourful hues
and if I feel inclined after night, come the morning my
yawn drenches all below me in dew.

Yet I, Cloud can ride in a moment like fury over five
miles of ocean or mountain to strike,
for I am nature's changeling who refuses to die.

I am Cloud who appears out of nowhere.

I can rise like a sprite from clear air
and as a babe from the womb I can, in but a second
let out my genii who bites with forked lightning
any denial of my rightful area.

So beware as I glide past to whom you laugh as you try
to blow me away with foolishness

as if you were my master.



  • Michael Edwards

    One of your very very best Fay - going into my favourites.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Wow - thanks Michael - - delighted you enjoyed it so much.

    • FredPeyer

      Have to agree with Michael, this is one of your best. One question though: Aren't they offspring of water and air and not water and earth? Don't want to nitpick, your poem is too good for that!

      • Fay Slimm.

        Bless you Fred of course they are so have added that vital ingredient to the first line. Good that you spotted that and thanks so much for your encouraging comment.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks FAY for another beautiful symbiosis of POEM and PICTURE ! As an ECOLOGIST I have always been interested in clouds ~ how they are formed and what their shape and colour and height etc can inform (and warn) us of future weather. The "pictures in the clouds" and their coquettishness is infinite and I agree they are very very feminine. Three of the "Elements of the Ancients" are EARTH ~ AIR ~ WATER and in essence all three are involved in Cloud Formation ~ Cloud Movement and Precipitation (The Water Cycle) WATER evaporates and forms Clouds which are driven and shaped by the Wind (AIR) but temperature and height are also important for the movement of the clouds and precipitation ! The Earth traps heat and warms the air causing wind currents. Also the topography of the Earth (MOUNTAINS) causes the clouds to rise and shed their water vapour as rain ! So in essence all three WATER ~ AIR ~ EARTH all play their part in the Function of Clouds and their role in the Water Cycle. Cloud Ecology is beautiful visually ~ but can be complex scientifically ! Thanks for caring ~ BRIAN

        • Fay Slimm.

          Such an interesting and absorbing comment on clouds and their shaping as value for humans -- thank you so much Brian - so pleased the read roused your wonderful thinking on the subject i chose to post today.

        • Goldfinch60

          Brilliant Fay, just brilliant!

          • Fay Slimm.

            Am honoured you think so dear friend.

          • Louis Gibbs

            I agree, one of your finest, Fay, and it goes into my favorites as well. I've always appreciated and been fascinated by clouds. One of my favorite expressions of nature.

            • Fay Slimm.

              Ah - thanks so much Louis for not only the visit and read but for wanting this in your fav. list. So pleased that like many poets including myself you like clouds and their ever-changing shapes.

            • orchidee

              You is a fine cloud, Fay! heehee.

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