LEADERS ~ WHO WOULD BE GODS ! A Blank Verse Sonnet





O LORD ~ My heart cries over all

Leaders of the World who play God !

With propaganda and half truths

They gather followers ~ and then ......


They mould and manipulate them

To carry out all their evil

Purposes ~ Blind leading the Blind

Captivated by their LEADERS !


YOU  shall have the last word O LORD

And those who oppose your TEACHINGS

And stand in the way of JUSTICE 

Will be subject to your JUDGEMENT !


YOU are my GOD ~ Almighty and

Eternal ~ MY TRUST IS IN YOU ! 


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN 


This poem is presented as a  4 4 4 2 Blank Verse

Sonnet in iambic tetrameter (eight syllables per line)



  • Goldfinch60

    Put your trust in God our leaders are just not trustworthy at all.


      Thanks ANDY ~ The Bible encourages us to "Always put our trust in GOD and not in PRINCES" AMEN ~ BRIAN

    • Poetic Dan

      Nicely done!
      I'll add this hopefully not to offend, they can play god but I can too as I believe myself more than those fools.
      Thank you again


        Thanks DAN ~ We all have to be mediators and advocates ~ to distinguish ourselves and to advise others what is RIGHT & WRONG. In essence we are acting on God's behalf because God is Truth and Righteousness. However we sometimes call it playing DEVILS ADVOCATE ! Yours BRIAN

      • onepauly

        in god I trust.
        all others pay cash!

        • BRIANSODES

          Thanks I agree ~ In the UK we try to restrict the amount of MONEY spent on a General Election. To my mind the millions spent by the TRUMPS and the CLINTONS ~ on the US Election ~ like the campaign itself was obscene ! I the end it was all a STALEMATE because the People (vox populi) wanted HILLARY but the "Electoral College" elected DONALD and is reaping the consequences. Yours BRIAN

          • onepauly

            they can have their politics. uk and us

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          • Michael Edwards

            Well said and we have our fair share of half truths and lies here in UK - will it ever be thus?

            • BRIANSODES

              I'm afraid it will be MICHAEL because of the underlying nature of MAN (and WOMAN). Politics often gives them a half-chance to be even worse ! Thanks BRIAN

            • orchidee

              A fine write B. Well, I know no princes - but I understand what the verse means. Also, it says not to trust in horses for battle, or similar words. I got no horse either, so I won't be trusting in 'em either!

            • orchidee

              It's naughty really - I dunno about 'praying without ceasing' but I hardly get started sometimes. I should wear the carpet out on me knees, like 'Praying Hyde' a gentlemen who followed the above verse!

              • BRIANSODES

                Well STEVE ~ I was once told that GOD likes our prayers to be SHORT & OFTEN (like text messages) just to keep in touch. Often in a Prayer Meeting its the short prayer and shed tears that cut more ice with God and bless all those in the meeting ~ Thanks BRIAN

                • orchidee

                  Well, there are 'arrow prayers' or 'there-and-then' prayers - short, and sweet hopefully! I expect he knows long words too, in traditional 'O Lord in thine inestimable greatness'...... etc, etc. or some may say 'waffle, waffle'! Long prayers OK too I think, but nothing worse than someone droning on interminably - or muttering! lol.

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                • Christina S

                  Nicely done! I try to avoid political writes but I wanted to tell you that you did a very good Sunday poem. Hugs-Christina

                  • BRIANSODES

                    Well CHRIS you know what Men are like we love to dabble in Politics and Sport and Life etc ~ in my experience Ladies do have political opinions which they only share at Hen Parties ! Interesting that in the UK we have had dozens of Queens (all better than KINGS !) an we are on our second Lady Prime Minister !
                    Most Americans I speak to NOW wish you had elected Hillary (warts and all) and seen through TRUMP (a plastic bag of wind) earlier ! Pleased you liked the quality of the Poem ~ Sunday Hugs ~ Brother BRIAN.

                  • Candlewitch

                    hello Brian,

                    I had to read this to Steve, my husband...we both despise and fear Trump. he doesn't care for anything but wealth and personal gain! are you sure we can't tie him up and ship him off to you? maybe your Queen Lady could smack him up-side the head?

                    great poem!
                    *hugs, Cat

                    • BRIANSODES

                      SURE CAT ~ We have just the place for ill-elected ignorami (good word !) like TRUMP ! We lock them up in the Tower of London and leave then to wallow in their own inadequacies ! When we check 6 months later they're gone. It's slower than the chair but more effective ~ Hugs for you BRIAN

                    • poetboy5454

                      Incredible poem!

                    • malubotelho

                      Thanks Brian for this beauty. Politics are the last thing I want to think about. If I can not do anything about I just don't think about. I live the thoughts for someone that can. Thank you anyways

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