Between my God and Me

GOD chooses all the colours

And weaves so steadily


Sometimes he weaves in Sorrow

I only see the underside

And sadly ~ in my foolish pride

Forget GOD sees the topmost side !


Not until the loom is silent

And the shuttles cease to fly

Will my GOD unroll the TAPESTRY

And reveal the reasons why !


DARK threads are as important

In GOD the Weaver's skillful hands 

As the threads of  GOLD & SILVER

In the pattern He has planned


GOD cares ~ GOD loves ~ GOD knows

And our cup ~ fills to the brim

He gives His very best to those

Who put their trust in HIM !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


GOD never forces Himself into our lives but my experience

and that of millions of others is:  When we do allow GOD 

into our lives ~ and share our JOYS & PROBLEMS with HIM

in PRAYER ~ our lives are much more richer ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN


This is based on a Poem by Corrie Ten Boom ~ OK 


  • Fay Slimm

    The richness of woven design in our lives comes through every line in this tribute to the divine care shown. Another enlightening read Brian.


      Thanks FAY ~ there is a lot of Truth in the poem (and the Tapestry) ! I know you acknowledge to importance of GOD in your life a do many others on this site ~ AMEN I just felt that today was a day to express my Love for GOD and His Love & Guidence 24/7 in my daily Poem. Pleased you liked it ~ Your BRIAN

    • Goldfinch60

      Wonderful write, Gods tapestry is all around us.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks ANDY ~ The BIBLE teaches us that ~ "Over us and Underneath us and all Around us is the Love of God ~ 24/7 we are encompassed in His Love ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN

      • orchidee

        I recall putting 'tapestry' into one or two of my poems. Not thrown them out. May be archived somewhere (the actual bits of paper with the words written, I mean). A fine write B. Any sherry in that tapestry of life?! heehee.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Well STEVE ~ there are surprises in the GOOD BOOK ~ Saint Paul of Tarsus writes to Timothy and says "Take a little wine for the sake of your stomach and any other aches and pains you may have" so there is a Biblical excuse for drop Harvey's Bristol Cream ~ OK ! Tapestries are amazing and often find their way into an ode or two ! Yours BRIAN

          • orchidee

            Oohh yes, I remember that bit now! * Gets out the sherry*. heehee.

          • Azura Nightsong

            I've always seen fate as a tapestry slowly being woven, and that each person and thread is important.
            This expresses that really nicely, great write!

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks AZURA ~ sometimes we can't see the Warp for the Weft and vice-versa but GOD is omnipotent and always see the whole picture ~ AMEN ~ Heavenly Hugs ~ BRIAN

            • Louis Gibbs

              For this fine poem to resonate with me, I would have to replace the word God with 'Higher Self'. We tend to place too much responsibility on God, and not enough upon ourselves, our own free will, in this scheme of life. That's just me. I appreciate your poem, B.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks LOUIS ~ we all have a FREE WIIL and I respect All Religions and interpretations of anything I have written ~ OK. We all have "Higher Self" and an awareness of the bigger picture and we need to unlock our "Higher Self" from time to time and see THE BIGGER PICTURE ! It would broaden our Horizons and prevent us from MAJORING on MINORS ! Thanks for caring and sharing ~ BRIAN

                • Louis Gibbs

                  Your response is quite generous. Thank you.

                • Christina8

                  An absolutely beautiful poem! You are right about sometimes only looking at the underneath and only seeing a bunch of disorganized threads. I wish we could all see the top, as you say. Inspiring! Hugs-Christina

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks CHRIS ~ I know that you ~ like me and many of the MPS Members ~ put your Faith in GOD and pray for guidance ~ day by day. The BIBLE tells us we don\'t see the Whole Picture ~ we see a blurred picture ~ through a smokey window ~ BUT ~ We have Faith that GOD (who knows best !) does see the Whole Picture and guides and gives us strength accordingly ! The BIBLE advises us not to put our trust in Princes & Politicians (who are only Human & Transient) but in GOD (who is Divine & Eternal) WE KNOW IT MAKES SENSE ! Every Blessing in all you are doing DAY BY DAY ! Spiritual Hugs ~ BRIAN

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Great write B

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      MICHAEL ~Thanks for your appreciation ~ BRIAN

                    • jonas_marie

                      this is so beautiful and delicate just like the tapestry you describe, you really capture God's message here, well said;)

                      • BRIAN & ANGELA

                        YES INDEED MARIE ~ Our individual relationship with OUR GOD has a delicacy ~ like a silken thread ~ but ~ Thank God ~ in some aspects silk is stronger than steel. Thanks for your comment BRIAN

                      • RebelX

                        THIS IS INCREDIBLE

                        • BRIAN & ANGELA

                          Thanks REBEL ~Pleased you enjoyed it ~ I always say to my FRIENDS ~ If you're going to be a FREAK ~ a JESUS FREAK is the bestest FREAK to be ~ AMEN ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

                        • Adri

                          Hell Brian! Just catching up on reading some poems! The title caught my attention. The word, "tapestry" brought fond memories back. This was an excellent poem it literally gave me chills. It captured my beliefs however, I also agree with Louis about the "higher self." Your poems are always amazing! Thank you for sharing, always, 🦋

                          • BRIAN & ANGELA

                            Thanks ADRI ~ Pleased you enjoyed it. We all ned to reach out into the Spiritual Dimension ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

                          • SMD


                            • BRIAN & ANGELA

                              Thanks FRIEND ~ pleased you saw the Beauty in the Message ~ yours BRIAN

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