Twenty four of darkness....


 I have worn a blindfold and hood

for the last 24 hours, I was asked by a

friend to do it and write a poem of how I 

felt.... I cannot describe how hard it was

but pails into insignificance to what those

that have to live with this.......


 Twenty four of darkness


I took upon myself to wear,
The shoes of someone else.
To view without a view,
No sight to see but blackboard light.
From first call, to last fall,
No every day pictures seen.
After the first five minutes,
It seemed an impossible task.
This bedroom to bathroom,
A journey of dread.
So many bangs and bruises,
From such a short walk.
Relying on a lovers grace,
To read, to write, to clean my face.
Even eating can be a massive challenge,
Too many times the fork would stab my nose.
My thoughts no more even,
than my unbalance.
I listened to my well played song,
Tears and emotions took me along.
I now feel this terrible Affliction, but for just this single day.
For others this would be no different, with or without a mask.
Never again will I miss use, or waste this valuable time..
Oh release the light, throw open the door,
For the darkness has now no....hold.

  • Author: P.H.Rose (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 3rd, 2017 12:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: A friend asked me to try and Be without sight for one whole day. I finished the day earlier, it took a While for my eyes to fully focus.. It has been one of the hardest things I have ever done... excuse the pun But it has opened my eyes wide... To be honest if it wasn't for my Better half I could never of done it. I can remove my blindfold but those That cannot, I have immense respect For...
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  • WriteBeLight

    Incredible PH! Great expression of your feelings and experience. Don't think I could have done that!

    • P.H.Rose

      I will never do it again
      Thank you WBL
      It got better as time moved
      But I had to keep asking my
      Wife what time it was to try
      And get a perspective....

    • Louis Gibbs

      We humans are incredibly adaptive beings. Being night-blind from birth, I experienced to a small degree the adaptive process that blind people go through in employing the other senses to compensate for blindness. The ears pick up most of the load, lending orientation to the source of sounds and the location of obstacles through echo. I admire your experiment, and relate to your appreciation to the invaluable gift of sight! Fine poem, indeed

      • P.H.Rose

        Thank you Louis
        Can I ask what is
        Night blind ??

        • Louis Gibbs

          Certainly. In the eye, there are two types of receptors: Cones, which detect objects in the light, daylight or artificial; and Rods, which kick in and adapt to detect objects in conditions absent of a minimum level of light, such as at night. I have no Rod vision ... my eyes do not adapt to the dark . It would be for you like to walking into a dark room and instead of soon being able to see, once your eyes adapt, they never do. Hence the name, "night-blindness". Hope that was understandable.

        • orchidee

          A fine write P. Could you hear or not - with the hood as well?

          • P.H.Rose

            Thank you orchidee
            Yes I could, my hearing
            Seem to get louder and
            Definitely more sharper

          • FredPeyer

            P.H. this is incredible. I agree that we all should do this once, and not only be blind-folded (even though this is most likely the hardest one), but to maybe spend a day panhandling on the street for example.
            Great poem! Great subject!

            • P.H.Rose

              Thank you Fred...
              I want to try movement
              Restricted life but I'm not sure
              how people would take it...
              I thought of tying both my legs
              Together, it is impossible to
              Feel how someone like that
              Has to go about their daily

              • FredPeyer

                Another one I forgot to mention would be to rent a wheel-chair for a day and pretend that you cannot use your legs at all. Then try to get around and see how many obstacles there are, obstacles that we able bodied people never even see.

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              • Fay Slimm.

                Only an empathetic heart would go to these sightless lengths P.H. and adopting an affliction takes courage and care for those who are unable to see at all -- your experience has been an opening to write how the blindfold affected your life - the final two lines of your verse reminded me that yesterday I posted a tribute to the gift of light which might be of interest -I titled it "More Than"

                • P.H.Rose

                  Thank you Fay, I will read that.
                  Is it a poem you've posted ??

                • Michael Edwards

                  Some experience and bravo for seeing it through (no pun intended) - great write.

                  • P.H.Rose

                    Thank you so much Michael
                    I think we should all travel
                    In someone else's shoes
                    Even if it's just for a short time.

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Very good write on a very grave thing to do, and accomplish. Seeing how others live with disabilities is, as you said, eye opening. "There but for the Grace of God.........".
                    Very well done.

                    • P.H.Rose

                      Thank you GF60
                      I just wanted to
                      Have just a tiny
                      Second of the
                      Life of darkness.
                      I have the utmost
                      Respect for all
                      Those that have to
                      Live with a
                      And the last thing
                      You wrote is absolutely
                      Spot on...

                    • malubotelho

                      I admire you for having the courage to go into such an experiment. We all should do it. I might try if I have an opportunity. When I was a child sometimes we would play and blindfold ourselves for a long time and walk through the farms with no sight. It came to my mind now. I've never done it in adult age. Might be the time now. Thanks for sharing your experience on your writing.

                      • P.H.Rose

                        Thank you malu

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