Red kidney beans ~ Prosciutto chopped

Carrots diced ~ leeks tailed & topped

Parsnips fresh ~ potatoes diced 

Onions ~ cabbage ~ zucchini spiced !


For eight people ~ I always teach

The quantity ~ one cup of each

Four pints of water ~ Roma spice paste

Salt & black pepper ~ to your taste !


Place in a pot ~ and bring to boil

Simmer for hour ~ with lid embroil

Place into bowls ~ Parmesan shread

Serve with crusty ~ ITALIAN BREAD !





Thanks for tasting ~ comments welcome ~ Amore a Tutti ~ BRIAN


Minestrone Soup ~ sprinkled with Parmesan always tastes better 

en Roma o Milano !  Always served with fresh crusty Italian Bread

with olive oil & balsamic e un vaso de Chianti Classico ~ SALUTE !



  • orchidee

    A tasty write Brian. I can't have anything that's too spicy.


      Well in Mexico ~ they always serve the chilies sperately ~ so you can add your own Espica di Roma ! Thanks for supping with me ~ BRIAN

      • orchidee

        Chilis are somewhat fatal to me - too much information to say more - think along the lines of vindaloo! They burn my tummy anyway.

      • JaneEVE

        Agree tasty and full of flavour - excellent write :)

        • BRIANSODES

          Thanks JANE ~ I would love to sup with you one Evening ! Flavoursome Hugs ~ BRIAN

        • Goldfinch60

          Salute, I have some Chianti in my cellar along with other Italian and Spanish wines. I may serve aSpanish wine tomorrow.

          • BRIANSODES

            INDEED ANDY ~ Chianti Rosso o Rioja Tinto both excellent for the tummy according to St Paul ! All true Englishmen keep a cellar of Classic Wines ! I\'m in a Flat so I have to make do with a rack ! It is in a cupboard because some of my regular guests are Winebibbers and that is putting it politely # Thanks for your comment ~ BRIAN (Chair of the University Philoenic Society !)

          • Frank Prem

            Excellent work, Brian. Reads well, and suggests yummo!

            • BRIANSODES

              Thanks FRANK ~ I make lots of "Home Made Soup" and save it for a rainy day ! This one is YUMMY ! BRIAN

            • Michael Edwards

              Just come in from doing a painting demo and starving - this has made it worse - thankfully off out for dinner at local pub soon - great write Brian.

              • BRIANSODES

                This one obviously stirred your gastric juices as well as your MUSE ~ Have nice PUB DINNER ! Because I am a Scouser ~ I like the Hungry Horse ~ Great value and theme nights (such as a CURRY NIGHT ~ when a pint of COBRA is only a pound ! To preserve your reputation as a Gourmet Dandy ~ you could always go INCOGNITO ! BRIAN

                • Michael Edwards

                  Incognito? Yes I sometimes wear a paper bag on my head. Anyway home again after what transmogrified into a Chinese meal in a 'posh' restaurant. Why do I always feel thirsty after eating Chinese food?

                • Santita

                  Brian, there is nothing you can't write about! Now I'm hungry!

                  • BRIANSODES

                    Thanks SANTITA ~ My MUSE is easily moved ~ Hugs BRIAN

                  • Kat

                    LOl, I am hungry too. Can you feed us now! Great write!

                    • BRIANSODES

                      Hi KAT ~ This would be a great dish to christian your log cabin ~ when its complete ~ It does taste real nice with crusty bread & Chianti ! Hugs BRIAN

                      • Kat

                        Thank you Brian!

                      • Azura Nightsong

                        I love Italian food. And not I'm hungry ha.
                        Deliscious poem!

                        • BRIANSODES

                          Ohhhhh AZURA ~ you would love my Minestrone and crusty bread and a wee drop of Chianti ~ pleased you enjoyed the POEM ~ Yours BRIAN

                        • malubotelho

                          What a yummy 😋 poem. I will try your recipe. Thanks for sharing. And yes, you know how to write about anything.

                          • BRIANSODES

                            Well MALU my MUSE ~ like my SOUP ~ is easily stirred ~ let me know hope the recipe goes ! It is best left unblended ~ but it can be blended to make a thick appetising Winter Supper Soup ~ Love to you ~ BRIAN

                          • Sylvia Frances Chan

                            Best receipt with the finest ingredients and spices, BUT NEVER put spinach, fresh or frozen, when these vegetables will be warmed up, they will become poison for the human stomach. I know this from my Mum. In kitchen's history this is well known, BUT you created here a most delicious poem about a true YUMMY dish. Excellent creation, BRIAN.

                            • BRIANSODES

                              THANKS SYLVIA ~ I take your point about SPINACH ~ but it does add a lot of flavour ? ~ Following your comment I have removed the SPINACH and replaced it with PARSNIP !!! Thanks ~ Yours BRIAN

                              • Sylvia Frances Chan

                                You´re most welcome dear BRIAN, YOU are a true genuine poet who believes in God the AlMighty, spinach is indeed a flavor for some dishes, but my Mum always prepares it just before dinner and we have to eat that at that same moment. OR, you must eat it later as cold as it has become. BUT to keep it safe, we ate the menu and the rest into the garbage bin. So glad about your response, especially about that spinach. I know very well MINNESTRONE, but your delicious receipt.....not yet. Sure, I´ll cook this one day, since I love cooking too beside drawing/painting and writing poetry and essays. YUMMY-YUMMY now this soup has become most delicious since this "Chat Moment" with....YOU! God´s Blessings in Abundance, BRIAN!

                              • Christina S

                                What a tasty write! Sounds great! I'm starving! Excellent sonnet! Hugs--Christina

                                • BRIANSODES

                                  PLEASED YOU LIKED IT ~ I've made it ~ and it tastes GOOD ~ depending on the size of the cup (Well i am an honorary American !) it makes eight portions. It is served in the ITALIAN PAVILION in the Epcot Center in Orlando in Florida ! We don't get many RECIPES on MPS ~ Tasty Hugs ~ BRIAN

                                • WriteBeLight

                                  I love that soup and your poem is also delicious! Bon appetit!

                                  • BRIANSODES

                                    Thanks ANGEL ~ Pleased you liked the SOUP ~ This one is served in The Italian Pavilion in the Epcot Center in Orlando FA ! A decent Poem must have Structure & Substance this one also has Sustenance ~ Hugs full of Flavour ~ BRIAN

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