Waning Will

Notice of absence from WriteBeLight
Here I go again .... have to be away for awhile. Not very long, though. Family, home and work are pulling me away, for now. Do not worry. With the exception of family and home, I will not let work take from me too much time to do what I love.... compose poetry. :)

My discipline is waning,

Like that phase of the Moon.

Illumination decreasing,

Darkness fills the room.


Promises made to myself,

Trying hard to keep.

But, I’m tired, and exhausted,

Close my eyes, and try to sleep.


But, escaping the very problem,

Does nothing to correct.

Words without actions,

Have no positive effect.


Is there something I can take?

A pill or remedy?

Or, just reach deep inside.

For the determination in me.


Because, I know in the end,

Making excuses and whining,

Do not end aggravation,

I know the blame’s all mine.


  • orchidee

    A fine write WBL. have a pork pie and a sherry (or three) and you won't know if you're patient with yourself or not. Is that so for Sean in the clip, saying 'shelf'? Should he put those sherries down?! lol.

    • WriteBeLight

      Ha Ha. I thought that picture was so appropriate for the point I was trying to make. I bet OO7 would prefer a Martini stirred and not shaken :) Thanks!



      • WriteBeLight

        Very true OUTBACK and thanks for your comment and saving my poem as a favorite!

      • Michael Edwards

        nice one WBL

      • Louis Gibbs

        The last line reveals your wisdom, WBL. You will be fine, I'm sure. Good poem!

        • WriteBeLight

          Thanks Louis! I can only point the finger at myself when I fail at trying to do better. No one's fault by mine! I appreciate your comment very much.

        • Santita

          I really relate to this WBL. You are a wise woman to take responsibility and own it. Another gem :)

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks Santita. I never understand the finger pointers in this world. I work in an office and see this alot. My approach is, when I make a mistake I apologize. I like the saying, "Crow is best eaten when warm." The sooner one apologizes, the better. But, unfortunately, that is not always the case with human nature. Thanks again!

            • Santita

              That speaks of your lovely character, dear. more people should be that way!

            • myself and me

              It is OK to give yourself a break, at least you have realized the problem. Nice writing.

              • WriteBeLight

                Thanks M & M. It is funny you should say that because I was just thinking that yesterday afternoon, while walking. I strive to be disciplined, but I am just as human as the next person. I appreciate your comment very much and thank you :)

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks ANGEL ~ "Is there something I can take ~ to relieve this pleasant (or maybe unpleasant) ache ? Has become the MPS Mantra ! Nil Deperandum ~ Manana is another NEW DAY ~ Love & Hugs ~ BRIAN XOOX

                • WriteBeLight

                  Love and many hugs right back at you Brian! You are a dear and I very much appreciate your kind words.

                • Christina S

                  A very good write that I think most of us can relate to! Great poem!

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Thanks Christina! I think so too. I know there are times when we are just innocent victims and the blame is not our's at all. But, I know in my heart I can always try to do the best I can at the time and given the conditions at hand. So nice of you to comment, as always, Christina!

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Good write. Self discipline is hard to keep going. All we can do is our best.

                    • WriteBeLight

                      Absolutely Goldfinch! Thanks.

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