CARIBBEAN GIRL ~ A Blank Verse Sonnet





I come to the House of my Girlfriend

Man friend tellin' I'm fool "Wastin' time with Girl !"

Come on Man ~ Come fish for Golden Snapper 

BUT I decide to visit my Golden Girl ! 


I bring her flowers ~ Her dress is patterned

With love birds ~ she has a ring in each ear

I am ready for her Love and she for mine

NO FISHIN' ~ For her Love ~ I'm now wishin' !


Her body has the scent of Khus Khus grass

The sweet fibres she put between linen sheets

She has washed her mouth with milk for Kissing

She has washed her body with pure water from the well


Now ~ because she does not wish to rush our Love 

She offers me plums ~ and glass of date wine !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Caribbean Love ~ BRIAN


This poem is presented as  Blank Verse "iambic tetrameter" Sonnet


This poem is adaptd from a "free verse" Caribbean Poem ~ ENJOY 


  • orchidee

    A fine write Brian.


      Thanks STEVE @ All the Caribbean Girls I have met @ College ~ In the UK and in the Caribbean have been Happy and lovely to Party with ! Yours BRIAN,

    • Michael Edwards

      Feedback positive - more please Brian.


        Thanks MICHAEL ~ will do ! Variety is the Life of Spice ! Yours BRIAN.

      • Accidental Poet

        Very nice Brian.

        • BRIANSODES

          Thanks AP ~ It is good subject ~ just crying out for a Love Sonnet ~ BRIAN

        • Martina Lynch

          You have inspired me to write there Brian...I love the Caribbean,especially Jamaican Soul Food.

          • BRIANSODES

            Thanks MARTINA ~ Any CARIBBEAN poem from you will be a GEM ~ i promise to make a comment. I always like to inspire a Lovely Lady ~ HUGS ~ BRIAN

          • Louis Gibbs

            Your poem catches the lilt and flavor of the Caribbean exquisitely, Well done, sir!

            • BRIANSODES

              Thanks LOUIS ~ I agree ~ a Caribbean Poem must have RHYTHM which is why each line is co-syllabic. West Indian Poetry is always sensuous ~ BRIAN

            • FredPeyer

              Sounds like a girl from Molokai! Love your poem Brian, and also would like to read more!

              • BRIANSODES

                THANKS FRED ~ I always post a Spiritual Poem on a Sunday but another Caribbean one on Monday ! Yours BRIAN

              • Azura Nightsong

                My dad has been down there before but I've never left the US. Nice poem Brian!

                • BRIANSODES

                  Thanks AZURA~ I'm sure your Dad enjoyed his trip to the West Indies ~ they are very Happy people. Hope you get a chance to visit soon ! Yours as ever BRIAN (UK)

                • malubotelho

                  I have a great girl friend from caribe. She is black and beautiful. I love her very much. She is special. Your poem is special too. You are being inspired about girls.

                  • BRIANSODES

                    Thanks MALU i always tell my students (M & F) to respect Ladies and to the Ladies to respect themselves. I tell them that when God had created Adam ~ he stood back and took a close look at him and thought "I can do better than that" ~ AND HE DID ! You are all Daughters of Eve and you are all Beautiful ! Thanks Heaven for LADIES ~ Awesome ! Girls are inspiring ! Hugs ~ BRIAN

                  • Christina S

                    Love the write! Have never been to the caribbean but you obviously know where the beautiful girls are! Great job!-Hugs-Christina

                    • BRIANSODES

                      GOOD MORNING CHRISTINA ~ THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENT ! I love the CARIBBEAN ~ every Island is different ~ and the SUN and the SAND makes everyone so HAPPY ~ The Men are Cool and Happy and the Ladies are beautiful and SASSY ~ Hope you get a chance to visit ~ awesome ! Remember CUBA is at heart a CARIBBEAN ISLAND and you sure feel it ! Spiritual Poem for today ~ relax and have a great Sunday ~ Hugs in the Spirit ~ BRIAN

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Good write Brian. I have never been to the Caribbean but all the people that I have met from there have always been so happy.

                      • BRIANSODES

                        Thanks ANDY ~ What you say is true ~ they have brought a JOY to the UK and I love the Gospel Choirs and W I Churches in the UK ~ their worship is uninhibited like their dancing ! When I lived in Leeds we had big W I Street Carnivals and they really know how to Party ! Hope you get a chance to visit ~ Barbados is especially welcoming ! BRIAN

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