Let Go Your Ego

Notice of absence from WriteBeLight
Here I go again .... have to be away for awhile. Not very long, though. Family, home and work are pulling me away, for now. Do not worry. With the exception of family and home, I will not let work take from me too much time to do what I love.... compose poetry. :)

Your bags are neatly packed,

Set to leave any minute,

Look forward to your journey,

That is your ego trip.


As you look in the mirror,

Set neatly on the shelf.

But, your face won’t fit,

Because you’re full of yourself.


Always self-assured,

Sitting on the fence.

Keenly quite aware,

Of your self-importance.


In the middle of the room,

Oh, so loud you shout,

“I’m someone just so perfect,

Me, you can’t do without.”


Your pointed nose is stuck,

High above in the air.

Sitting on your throne,

You know it’s just a chair.


Saying to yourself,

“I’m lovely, so sublime.”

Movie plays in your head,

“Legend in my own mind.”


I’ve made you dessert,

Take a look with your eyes.

A big, giant slice,

Of some perfect humble pie.


Self-esteem is good.

You should have confidence.

But, you’re only human.

I mean you no offense.


My advice to you is this,

Be who we like to be around.

Act polite, be a good listener,

Many friends will be found.


In the end, you will get,

No tug of war from me,

Let go of your ego,

Of conceit you’ll be free.


  • Kat

    I know a few like this. They pat them selves on the back and then wonder why no one else gives them a big pat! Self conceded people get their own rewards!

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks Kat. I had to edit the poem a little. Shorten a line or two. To your point, I agree totally. I will never understand this kind of personality. I know we have to have good self-esteem and confidence in life, but some people are just so full of it! Ha Ha. Thanks again.

    • Santita

      WBL, an extremely well written piece on ego, and exaggerated self-importance. Maybe we should print it out and pass it on to some people I know. There are so many good verses but the "I've made you dessert.." One takes the whole dang cake! Lol loved this.

      • WriteBeLight

        Ha Ha. Thanks Santita. Unfortunately, I do not know if there is enough paper in the world, as I too know many like this. I appreciate your comment! Thanks!

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks for the poem WBL . They've got a name for people who suffer from this affliction (might post this one day in the gallery):

        Never one to sit on a shelf
        always very full of himself
        he suffers from an anti-social perversion
        medically known as rectal introversion.

        • WriteBeLight

          Wonderful! Love that Michael. Thanks :)

        • OUTBACK


        • orchidee

          Ahh, so this is someone with bags packed, sitting on the fence, nose in the air, eating humble pie, etc - all at the same time?! I knows ya means some of it metaphoric-wotsit (metaphorically). A fine write WBL.

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks orchidee! A egotistical multi-tasker, sounds like to me :)

          • Louis Gibbs

            My enemy, my friend, this ego of mine. You serve your purpose in this world, but betray me in over-ruling my soul as you tend to do. You play out the struggle for balance beautifully in this fine poem, WBL!

            • WriteBeLight

              Thank you Louis. It can be a tug of war for some who just do not want to realize they are just human like the rest of us :)

            • Accidental Poet

              I think we all know one or two people like this. Awesome write WBL

            • Candlewitch

              dear WBL,

              do you know my sisters??? the beginning of this poem describes the two of them to a "T"!

              the end of your poem is good advice!!! very well done!!!

              *hugs, Cat

              • WriteBeLight

                Thank you Candlewitch! I have family members like that as well :)

              • Martina Lynch

                Like this very much WBL...especially the second verse!

                • WriteBeLight

                  Appreciate your comment Martina!

                • FredPeyer

                  WBL, there really are a lot of people who should heed your advise, especially in the top level of our Governments. :-)
                  Well written, great subject!

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Could not agree more Fred. Thank you!

                  • BRIANSODES

                    Thanks for caring & sharing ~ ANGEL ~ I guess this poem is aimed at the ME ME ME People and you know by now I'm not on of those ! Humble Hugs ~ BRIAN Confucius he say " People who go on EGO trips ~ generally end up tripping on there own EGO !"

                    • WriteBeLight

                      Confucius and you are so right Brian! Thanks!!

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Very good write and very true. There are many like this.

                      • WriteBeLight

                        Sadly so true Goldfinch. Thanks for the comment!

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