Time to Leave


Blessed Silence

Eyes tightly closed

Long devoid of tears

One hand cradling her

Aching swollen jaw


The other one gingerly

Holding her torn

Nightgown together

She huddles in the

Corner of her bedroom

He is gone


Within the darkness of

Her fear, anger, and hate

Despite the pain and despondence

There still flickers a tiny little

Flame of hope

Maybe even of love


He didn’t mean it

It was the alcohol

Without a job he takes

His anger out on me

He did tell me

He loved me


But deep within her

Own soul she knows

He will not change

Words mean nothing

His actions tell her

It’s time to leave


  • Michael Edwards

    This sad story is so often repeated - I never can understand how men (and women too) can ever act like this to their fellow man (or woman) . Being very politically correct aren't I. This is such a sensitive write about such a difficult problem - great stuff Fred

    • FredPeyer

      Thanks Michael,
      I never experienced anything like it, but tried in my imagination to understand what a woman might go through. It does happen too often, and it is SO WRONG!


      ALAS FRED In Urban Domesticity ~ there is a fine line between LOVE & HARM and domestic violence is all too common. Ladies turn up bruised at Church on Sunday Mornings ~ We give them tea & TLC but have learned not to ask too many questions ! BUT sometimes enough is enough and it's TIME TO LEAVE ! Thank GOD we can give them Sanctuary in a Safe House. Thanks for sharing Sad Message in an Elegant Poem ~ BRIAN. Please add a POEM to my FUSION ~ CARS ~ Thanks B

      • orchidee

        That's shocking really, Brian. Yet we can't be 'twee' and assume it NEVER happens to church-folk. What is monstrous is if the offending partner is there in church too. Echoes of 'hypocrite', I hear! I must not be naïve to think that ALL churches are made up of little old ladies (or little old men).

        • FredPeyer

          Thank you Brian. And you are bringing up a very interesting aspect. If they show up bruised, and you know they have been beaten, and if you have to give them sanctuary, do you report that to the police? Domestic violence IS a crime. I know it is not easy at all, sometimes 'he says', 'she says', kids can be involved, but still....a crime is a crime.

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        • Louis Gibbs

          A beautiful job of imagining yourself in her shoes Fred ... so well expressed! It is a deplorable circumstance and all too common.

          • FredPeyer

            Thanks Louis, I guess I have an over-active imagination! :-)
            And it is a subject that should be addressed more often and openly, rather than broomed under the carpet.

          • Goldfinch60

            Such a good write over s very sad situation, I just do not understand this type of violence, or any type of violence come to that. Why, oh why cannot we live a peaceful existence.

            • FredPeyer

              Thanks Goldfinch, violence has been our cross ever since Cain. Seems to be part of our gene. Even though, a man hitting a woman just is NOT acceptable.

            • avigail

              tell us what is the story behind the story Fred. beautifully written

              • FredPeyer

                Thank you Avigail. See my answer to Michael's comment. This story sprang from my imagination. But having said that, I am concerned about domestic violence and wanted to expose it in my poem. It was never a concern in our families, but going to school in the fifties, I had class mates who would sometimes come to school with visible signs of violence. Nobody did anything. At that time it was accepted as "normal", and nobody else's business. Yuk!

              • orchidee

                It's the alcohol that does it - affects the mind. Causes people to act like monsters. Of course, we can't blame the alcohol itself. it's only a 'thing'. People drink it, and too much at times. A fine write.

                • FredPeyer

                  Thank you orchidee, yes, the alcohol brings out the ugly side of people. But the ugly side has been there even before the drinking started. Then the alcohol takes away the inhibitions and the "real" person emerges.

                • Fay Slimm.

                  An all too familiar pattern in this troubled society is seeing a female bearing the brunt of domestic violence - a fine reminder of woman's tragic position at these times Fred.

                  • FredPeyer

                    Thank you Fay, you are so right. While there are certainly cases of males getting beaten up by females, I think they are the exception. Unfortunately it is the female that is the receiver of violence. But there are also the kids. And since violence seems to be in our genes, I just do not see any way to stop this completely.

                  • Candlewitch

                    dear Fred,

                    I have had this experience first hand. you really nailed it. some people never get out of this situation. because of fear or hope... but the abuser isn't going to change, it is in his nature and it is ugly! thank you for this!!!

                    *hugs, Cat

                    • FredPeyer

                      Thank you for your comment, Cat! I am so sorry that you had to experience physical abuse. It is so wrong! There is maybe more help today than there used to be, but so many times it is kept hidden, with too many people looking the other way because they do not want to get involved.

                      • Candlewitch

                        "He" told me that he would do terrible things to me. he elaborated on what those things were, if I were to leave him! one day he was so angry that he told me to get the "F" out...and I did, fast with just the clothes on my person! he tried to get me to come back, later...I hid from him. soon enough he found my replacement! guys like that have to have someone there all the time. this guy broke my jaw and a few ribs, was a nightmare. he was shot down by a cop, when he was robbing an apartment. I danced when I heard...shame on me :(

                        *hugs, Cat

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                      • BRIAN & ANGELA

                        HI STEVE ~ They ar not Church members who have been assaulted but ladies from the Community who have come to the Church for Sanctuary because they know the Men are Gentlemen and the Ladies Angels. As a Church we have access to Safe Houses for Battered Wives ~ Salvation Army and YMCA for under 30's Violent Men hate to lose their hold on vulnerable Ladies so we often have to face violent Men ! In my experience all churches are Sanctuaries for those in Society who are hurting ~ OK BRIAN

                      • Bibbeck

                        Firstly respect to Candlewitch for sharing.

                        Also respect to Fred for broaching this subject and expressing so brilliantly through words from your imagination. Fantastic!

                        I've been there too, but with mental 'abuse' instead in the form of controlling - this doesn't have physical marks to show. I had managed to pick the same sort of person as my Dad (as we do) in a relationship. I wouldn't focus on abuse of women though, as I also have knowledge of the opposite side - it's just even more swept under the carpet, because it's not seen as being strong. :-(

                        The 'reason' this all comes up time and again and is never going to go away, is because although intelligent, we are still animals essentially. There is no 'excuse' despite this for the instigators, such as drink, etc., but only respect for those with a will to change.

                        • FredPeyer

                          Thank you Bibbeck for your honest and open comment. You are so right, there is absolutely no excuse and all too often these crimes are swept under the carpet as you say. It just seems that violence is part of us, no matter how much we try to stamp it out.

                        • WriteBeLight

                          Excellent expression of a horrible circumstance.

                          • FredPeyer

                            Thank you so much WBL for your nice comment!

                          • burning-embers

                            In my rich and colourful life i've actually been on the other side of this. My lovely partner of 8stone (112lbs) and 5ft 5 used to get so wound up she would attack me. i didnt retaliate for i knew i'd be arrested. The marks on me, she couldnt seriously hurt me, were the evidence. Twice neighbors called the police. I've never spoken about it. I wrote about her in joey played saxophone. Understanding is diffiicult because she was the love of my life. That poem says it all.

                            • FredPeyer

                              Thank you so much for your comment, b-e. As already mentioned above, violence is not limited to one gender.

                            • myself and me

                              Alcohol, for some people, is the only way to have a temporarily break from what they are suffering. They need the break to survive, like a drowning person would grab anything he could reach, even though, that something might get them killed. I do understand them. It is a tragedy for everyone involved in it. Thank you for bring it up.

                              • FredPeyer

                                thank you so much for your comment, mam!

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