Fay Slimm

Losing You.


Losing You.

Perhaps ours was not a usual love,
the sort that demands continual proof,
fervour which naught can cool or drown,
the fierce passion that willingly lays down
its needs for another's approval, no our own
affection was something written in lighter tone.

Ours had the keenness of separate
beings enjoying share of time together,
reaching for comfort found hand in hand
when trouble meant need of understanding,
yes our connection led us to friendship's corner,
where choice was honoured and respect afforded.

Yet love was there,
it grew with care
of each for each,
so in losing you
death, of a sort
took me too.


  • FredPeyer

    Faye, this is so beautiful, so tender, I think only a writer with a lot of life experience could penn. The shape of the poem reminds me of a Christmas tree (stylistic). I love the whole poem, but especially the last stanza starting with 'Yet love..." In my humble opinion, that stanza could stand by itself as a separate insightful poem.

    • Fay Slimm

      Thanks Fred for your generous comment - the image and form of this short lament is supposed to represent the Tree of Love with roots embedded in a final few words. Hope that is what your reading saw and pleased you enjoyed the feel of lost tenderness.

      • FredPeyer

        Well, since the Christmas tree is also a tree of love, I was not that far off.

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      • Accidental Poet

        Fay, you are a master of prose. The love you shared few ever get to experience. I myself have, but it was only one sided. You are such an inspiration.

      • Michael Edwards

        AP is right - an inspirational piece.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks FAY ~ I know your nostalgic Poems are difficult to write ~ but they have a unique beauty which i love ! It makes us all love you too with Poetic TLC ~ You jump off the page and into each o our hearts ~ You are lovely ! Love the Tree of Love and the melancholy visual ! Yours as ever BRIAN

      • Sefrin

        Absolutely breathtaking! Your words have the ability to reach the very soul. Amazing read, Fay!

      • Louis Gibbs

        Oh wow ... this touching poem, so beautifully shaped, hits all the bases of content and form, Fay! A classic to be sure, and a favorite. Thanks for this perfect example for us all.

      • orchidee

        Yes, a fine tree-shaped poem, Fay!

      • malubotelho

        You are always so delicate with your words. Straight to the heart. So lovely. Thanks

      • myself and me

        Are you writing this for me? This is my current situation.

        So beautiful, so touching.

      • Goldfinch60

        Wonderful write again Fay, as Fred has sad that last stanza is superb.

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