WHY  are we scared of the Night ?

PERHAPS  because we can't sleep

BECAUSE  the pressures of the Day 

ARE  still with us !  We long to rise

REFRESHED  in the New Day ~ with all

OUR  problems Solved ~ Sorted ~ Settled


BUT ~ when the Morning dawns ~ We rise

REFRESHED  ready to face a New Day !

BUT ~ The same brooding Brood ~ round the

BREAKFAST TABLE ~ The same stressful

DRIVE  to Work ~ Same Colleagues ~ ready     

TO MAKE  your Day ~ less enjoyable !


PICTURE  of the Average Working Man



Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ JOY to ALL ~ BRIAN


Let me reassure you that this is not my fate !  Most days

I eat my "soft boiled egg" alone and talk to my tropical

fish ~ and TANGS always smile back !  I can walk or cycle

to work (20 minutes) and my colleagues support me 100%

and I them !  I'm far too Young to even think about retiring

~ I teach in a 16+ College.  I do also appreciate that most

Ladies have to work as well ~ OK ~  How was your DAY ? 


This POEM is presented as a Blank Verse (iambic tetrameter) Sonnet 


  • orchidee

    Good write Brian.


      HI STEVE ~ You are retired as I remember so this will make yo smile into your cornflakes ! Please check the FUSION on Games & Pastimes by SANTITA & I ~ Yours BRIAN

      • orchidee

        Nope, not retired. Maybe Andy is?

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      • Edward Charles McDevitt

        Even though it's not your typical life, I did enjoy!

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks EDWARD ~ I guess working in College (students 16 ~ 30) is more fun than in a Commercial Office and having to commute into the City each day and cope with a Falling Pound and BREXIT etc etc many of my Male Peers are stressed out Leave Home @ 7am and don't get back until 7pm ! they are Happy today 'cos its F R I D A Y ~ Amen. Thanks for your comment. Please check my FUSION (click DEVELOPING to see the new ones) on Games & Pastimes ~ Your BRIAN

        • Michael Edwards

          Certainly here in the UK I am one of the lucky generation having retired early with good pensions - our children and all subsequent generations will not be so lucky . Liked the poem Brian although I find that troubles seem far worse at night in the hours of darkness when the mind wanders.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks MICHEAL ~ Your Generation (some retired @ 55 with big Golden Goodbyes) had the best of times ! Now BREXIT ~ WRECKSIT ! The pace of life increases day by day and the quality of life decreases ! Still I do have some compensations like teaching the Science of Aromatherapy & Hydrotherapy to the Beauty Therapy students and getting paid a crust ! Don't forget to check the Games & Pastimes Fusion by SANTITA and I ~ hope you like the picture of us "Hiking in the Snow" ! Such is the fantasy of MPS ~ Yours BRIAN

          • dusk arising

            I will be working till aged 70 at least thanks to tat credit crunch and the current state of the economy in UK. Nicely written.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks DA ~ I'm the same but it is too far ahead (37 years) for me to worry about and by 2053 it will probably be 75 ! At least (if you make 100) you will have 30 years of "hip replacement etc" Hippy Retirement ~ Yours BRIAN SANTITA and I have posted a FUSION on Games & Pastimes please check. Click DEVELOPING to see the New Fusions ~ Thanks B.

              • dusk arising

                Where do i find 'DEVELOPING' plse?

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              • Goldfinch60

                Work? WORK? Oh yes I remember work. I have now been retired for over five years having done mu forty seven years and one month working consistently during all that time.
                I am having a good day thank you Brian.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks ANDY ~ Only the GOOD live to enjoy their retirement and FIVE YEARS is a good bonus for a life well lived ! GOD must like you ! Keep on the Straight & Narrow and You'll get another FIVE ! Please post a Poem on SANTITA'S and my FUSION on Games & Pastimes (Hobbies) only EIGHT PLACES LEFT ~ Yours BRIAN ~ Friday is Myday ~ Weekend isn't far away !

                • ShannonXx

                  A great write!! Nice one Brian

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks SHANNON ~ pleased you enjoyed it ~ HUGS BRIAN XX

                  • Christina8

                    Well you already know about my life but I think your poem was fantastic!!! There are so many people that hate their job and I'm glad that I don't know anyone close to me that feel that way. Most people I know retire at about 62-65 and thats the plan for us. Great work! Hugs-Christina

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      Thanks CHRISTINA ~ nice to see you active again. The problem in the UK is we are living TOO LONG so our impoverished Government (I blame Brexit !) had no option but to raise the pensionable Age ~ eventually to 70 for MEN and 67 for Ladies ! That is the age when they are eligible to draw their OAP. They can retire earlier if they have a private pension ~ OK I know you loved your Job just as I do mine. Some have to do horrible jobs for nasty people (we do still have some "unofficial" Slave Workers in the UK !) I loved School & College and all the Jobs I've ever had ~ OK. Pleased you liked the POEM. Don't forget to add a POEM to the "Games & Pastimes" FUSION ! Mega Hugs ~ BRIAN

                    • WriteBeLight

                      A remedy I heard about doing, just as you put your head on the pillow, is to think of all the good things you accomplished that day, instead of what you did not. That is what will settle within you as you sleep. I am glad your life is happy Dear Brian. I was a little bummed about your subject, but it is well pointed out.

                      • BRIAN & ANGELA

                        Thanks HONEY ~ people do accuse me of only posting UPBEAT POEMS so i thought I would post a GROAN POEM even if it wasn't autobiographical. Thanks for your advice I do find counting my Blessings instead of Sheep ~ does in fact send me to Sleep ! Dwelling on all the negatives is in fact what keeps us awake. I was once told "Whn you leave work at the end of the day lock all your problems in the Filing Cabinet or in your PC ~ don't take them home ! Hugs BRIAN Thanks for posting on the FUSION ~ B.

                      • malubotelho

                        A nice writing Brian, as always a new subject to write. It is not my case either. Still working and don't know if I will retire with the economy as it is with Trump ruling he might cut our retirement. I want to get two pensions. Here and in Brazil. Let's see. I'm a self employed person. I'm the candy girl and the bikini lady. 😂😂😂

                        • BRIAN & ANGELA

                          Thanks for your comment MALU ~ Life expectancy is rising everywhere so every Country (even BRAZIL !) has to revise their retirement age ! Brotherly Hugs ~ BRIAN SANTITA and i have posted a FUSION on Games & Pastimes ~ Please add a POEM there are only a few slots left ! Thanks B.

                          • malubotelho

                            I've tried looking there and did not find it. I go back later.

                          • myself and me

                            "WHY are we scared of the Night ?"
                            Because I am afraid the monster in the closet could come out and eat me.
                            A blue office with a blue mind.
                            Nice writing.

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