MY GOD ~ I come  with Thanksgiving  and Praise

PLEASE  give me adequate words to Praise You

I'M LIMITED  by lack of Holiness 

I HAVE  often stumbled into a Net

OF MY  own making and could not escape !


BUT YOU  heard all my cries ~ and You saw my

DIFFICULTIES !  You touched me me with Your Love

AND SET  me Free ~ and delivered me from

MY OWN NET  of uncertainty and doubt

AND SET  me Free ~ to walk with with you again !


BECAUSE  of this ~ I can now Praise You with

UNDERSTANDING   and Joy ~ and I am free to Praise !

SO PLEASE  help me LORD ~ to be for others



Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love to ALL BRIAN XOX


This POEM is presented as a Blank Verse (iambic pentameter) SONNET

It is a paraphrase of Psalm 51 ~ OK

  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 27th, 2017 01:42
  • Category: Spiritual
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  • orchidee

    A fine write Brian. I think it was the David-Bathsheba episode, as some describe it, that led to this Psalm. Now look, Solomon, how did you manage your harem of about 1,000 women?! (it says somewhere in the Bible). Swoon! lol.


      THANKS STEVE ~ DAVID was chosen and anointed by GOD but he still fell into his own net of Lust. We all have nets and snares to overcome ~ but if we repent GOD will free us and enable us to be a BRIDGE for Him again ~ AMEN. SOLOMON ~ 300 Wives (and 300 Mothers in law !) an 700 Concubines ! However He was the wisest Man who ever lived ~ HE HAD TO BE ! BRIAN

      • orchidee

        Oh heck yes, Brian. I see what you mean. With 300 mothers in law he had to be the wisest fount of all wisdom! heehee.

      • Goldfinch60

        Very good prayer Brian. Amen.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks ANDY ~ for your suportive comment ~ BRIAN

        • Michael Edwards

          Great write Brian

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks MICHAEL ~ I always try to raise the Cultural & Spiritual Bar on a Sunday ~ Yours BRIAN

          • FredPeyer

            I love your prayer/poem, Brian. So many times in life we DO need this bridge over troubled waters!
            Btw, I am going to ask you to join my circle of friends. I always read and comment on their submittals first, and then, if I have time, I look in the general section. Reading your poems would make it so much easier if you are in the friend section!

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks FRED ~ for your encouraging comment ! Very pleased to be your MPS Friend ~ an important step in continuing Poetic collaboration ~ BRIAN

            • malubotelho

              Brother Brian, you've touched me with your prayer. So lovely the way you pray. I was like that before looking for understanding, looking for answers everywhere. I found the answer when I stoped to look for understanding. It is like love. One can only love. No need to understand. Thanks for this beauty

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                AMEN SISTER ~ So many things in Life & Love and especially in the Spiritual Dimension can only be understood experientially not intellectually they belong (essentially) to the Heart & NOT the Head ! When I''m in LOVE I just want to feel it ~ not analyse it ~ BROTHERLY LOVE ~ BRIAN

              • dusk arising

                Wonderful feeling to offer that bridge for another soul and ask nothing. Nice writing.

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks DA we can all be BRIDGES ~ BUT we need to be humble enough to let people walk ALL OVER US ! BRIAN the BRIDGE !

                • rrodriguez

                  Love it. Psalm 51 is one of my favorites. I have my nets and snare wrapping my life. I want to be free, but I must learn to trust again. Thank you Brian for your words of encouragement and hope.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    GRACIAS HERMANO ~ MUY VERDAD ! This side of Heaven ~ Non of us is perfect. We have to ensure that there is away to escape out Nets & Snares back to closer walk with GOD ! Remember GOD is still on the Free Phone and He's only a Prayer away ! Adios Hermano Tuo ~ BRIAN

                  • Christina8

                    Absolutely wonderful! I always love your Sunday writes but I love how you ended this piece. That you could be a bridge over troubled waters for others today. Awesome! It's great that you are there for so many people that need you. Hugs-Christina

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      Thanks ANGEL ~ Your comment is as lovely as you are ! MPS is a Family ~ that is my Poem for tomorrow ! In essence we are mutually supportive and encouraging. What i particularly enjoy is the fact that on MPS Spiritual poems are always treated with respect and there are very few nasty or negative comments. A lot of the Members are hurting (or have been hurt) so their poems can be full of angst and grief. They need a lot of TLC ~ but often in their comments they say that posting their poem had been CATHARTIC ! I love the BRIDGE song by Simon & Garfunkel and it seems to me that all the encouragement and TLC we give on MPS ~ and elswhere is best described as a "Bridge over Troubled Waters" ~ OK ~ Thanks for caring ~ Hugs for you too ~ BRIAN @@@@@@@

                    • myself and me

                      I need a bridge to cross the water.
                      A good reading for Sunday.

                      • BRIAN & ANGELA

                        THANKS M & M In Life & Love we all come to impassable rivers ~ we are on the side of DESPAIR but HOPE is on the other bank. GOD hears our Prayers and sends and sends us a BRIDGE ~ often in the form of a HUMAN ANGEL ~ AND if we are sensitive to GOD's will ~ We too can be a BRIDGE for others ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN

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