Don't Even Try To Please Everyone


You’re going along,

Throughout your day.

Working hard,

Earning your pay.


Then you overlook,

An important task.

Still got it done,

But, the boss was crass.


You cooked a meal.

A recipe you learned.

Looked away for a minute,

It was a little burned.


No problem, you thought.

It’s still edible.

But, your hubby said,

It looks terrible.


Then that time,

When you said,

Silly little things,

That popped in your head.


But, the person listening,

Didn’t take it that way.

Said you were harsh,

Not nice that day.


All you can do,

Is apologize to them.

You meant no harm,

Didn’t mean to offend.


You’ve got a heart of gold.

Hear me, my friend.

You can’t please them all,

Between beginning and end.


So don’t waste time,

All heartbroken and low.

Not everyone in the world,

Can take a joke.


  • Michael Edwards

    I can sympathise with this. Especially the last two lines - I have a bit of a Cockney sense of humour and often folk look at with a blank expression - they are simply not on the same wavelength. Love the write WBL

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks Michael. I think we have all been in that situation. Some have thicker skins than others. Unfortunately, we do not realize that until the damage is done. In any event, apologizing is the best approach. If they do not accept, then there is nothing more one can do. :)

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write, there are people out there just will just not accept other's mistakes or humour. We all make errors in our lives but some just prey in them.

      • WriteBeLight

        Excellent point Goldfinch and Thanks!

      • orchidee

        Good write WBL.

      • Christina8

        This is a wonderful poem because it is so true!! I think a lot of us have been in this situation. Love this write!

        • WriteBeLight

          Thank you so much Christina :) You are very kind, as always!

        • myself and me

          Very good point.
          "You can’t please them all,
          Between beginning and end."
          To please every one is not what you were created for.
          Nice poem.

          • WriteBeLight

            So true M&M. We must try our best to do our best and if sometimes we are not understood, well that is the way the cookie crumbles :) Thanks!

          • FredPeyer

            On our little island we have many different races, nobody is in a majority. So we make jokes about everybody. As long as one can laugh about one-self, everything is fine!
            Love you poem, well written!

            • WriteBeLight

              Thank you Fred. Great comment about your island! That is so wonderful :)

            • WL Schuett

              Found some truth in a fine poem ....

              • WriteBeLight

                Thanks WL! Wanted to cheer up a friend. We all kid around, sometimes and some people are on a different page I guess. I really appreciate your comment!

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks HONEY ~ that sure rang a bell with me ! I try to please all the Men and pleasure all the Ladies ~ But as you say people take things the wrong way and sometimes they resent our CHEERFULNESS and call us SUPERFICIAL ! Well most days I just goon being me and it works 95% of the time ! HAPPY HUGS from BRIAN XOX

                • WriteBeLight

                  Thank you for the happy hugs, Dear Brian. Being oneself is the best approach. I agree with you about human nature, as well. I am sure it is closer to 100% :)

                • Fay Slimm - - (real name)

                  Not all wear the same skin as you so rightly express here WBL - I agree that the way toward peace means saying sorry to those we cant please.

                  • WriteBeLight

                    Love that comment Fay. I do not think most people know how they come across, too. Guess we have to just try to understand from where they are coming from and where they have been. Appreciate your kind words.

                  • malubotelho

                    Great poem dear. Great subject to bring into discussion. We can never please everybody and after all even please ourselves. I always think I'm right even when I'm wrong because after all if I can recognize that I'm wrong is because I'm right. Complex it, right? I think you are right.

                    • WriteBeLight

                      Right on Malu! I appreciate your point of view. :) You are so very kind!

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