Michael Edwards






Live                       evil

civic                       civic

spools                    sloops

deliver                   reviled









  • Author: Michael Edwards (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 29th, 2017 00:02
  • Comment from author about the poem: Reflected edones - two for the price of one. Each poem consists of 4 lines of only one word each. The number of letters in the first line (word) may be 2, 3, or 4 letters long. In each successive line the letter count increases by one letter. Each word when spelt in reverse must also make a word which may be the same word (a palindrome) or a different word. Seems simple but so difficult – I doubt if I will attempt another one – anyone want to have a go?
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  • Louis Gibbs

    Quite a challenge, Michael, and no, I don't plan to attempt one. Thanks for furthering my poetry education.

    • Michael Edwards

      Can't say I blame you Louis - it's a heck of a challenge - at least you can say you saw it first here on MPS !!

    • Wallace

      Smart, well done Michael.

    • Goldfinch60

      Clever write Michael.

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Andy - not sure if it makes good poetry though.

      • orchidee

        A tricky write M. Here's the start of one from me. It don't make any sense, mind you!
        Pork pie - Eip Krop.
        Also - sherry - yrrehs. That's how I say it after I've had one or three!

        • Michael Edwards

          Pork pot = top Krop = trop pot = top port = path me another - hic !!

          • orchidee

            Erm, I not quite got the hang of this! lol.

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          • FredPeyer

            I can't count and write at the same time, so I leave these kind of mathematical poems up to you masters! Enjoy reading them though.

            • Michael Edwards

              Well I count and then write afterwards - after all men can't multitask or so the women folk would have us believe - there must be a poem there - will give it some thought. Thanks Fred.

            • Christina8

              Appears very difficult--well done Michael!

              • Michael Edwards

                I wrote down a number of words of different letter count and played around with them - not easy - thanks Christina.

              • malubotelho

                I really don't know how one can find poetry with this kind of poem. I find fun though. Just because it is at least attention to create it. Congrats Michael. I think you before being a poet you are a mathematician.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Yes I do agree with you but I thought of the idea and thought it would be a challenge - I'm always up for a challenge so just had to do it. Thanks Malu.

                • WL Schuett

                  Always something with you always thinking ...good stuff

                  • Michael Edwards

                    When I stop thinking is when I'm put in a long box lol Thanks Bill.

                  • rrodriguez

                    Well, that's how poetry works. You break out of customary way of using words to define experience. Your edones do express a poetry motif, but in a subtle way. Well done, albeit, difficult. I may take a crack at for the mental exercise and the creative process.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Please do give it a go - good fun - thanks for looking in.

                    • Tony36

                      Love it great and clever write

                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                      THANKS MICHAEL ~ THESE ARE TRUE PALINDROMES ! But almost impossible to do a whole Poem like that ! Then the are the one liners like Napoleon's lament ~

                      ABLE WAS I ERE I SAW ELBA etc.

                      My limit and forte are Poems which make sense when read forwards or backwards ~ Which I call MIRROR POEMS ~ Yours BRIAN

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