Michael Edwards





Driven by proclivity

she plays with hearts

a tauntress she

driven by proclivity

for every heart she has a key

wherein she feigns seductive arts

driven by proclivity

she plays with hearts.











  • Goldfinch60

    Good write, repetitions always work well in poetry.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - that's why I like this form so much.

    • orchidee

      A fine write, if a bit swoony for me! Someone found too many 'Alleluias' in a hymn a bit tiresome. Mind you, with the repetitions there were 35 of them in the hymn altogether!

      • Michael Edwards

        Thirty five ? Alleluia ! That's a lot of repeats I say that's a lot of repeats.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks MICHAEL ~ Nothing like a TRIOLET to start another Perfect Day ~ Yours BRIAN.

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks Brian - suffering from a very heavy cold at the moment so not sure of it's perfect but fingers crossed and paracetomols taken so here's hoping !!

        • FredPeyer

          Michael, you really are the master of poetic forms! And beautiful too!
          Now for me, since I am not so good at it, is there a form that would require five lines, with all five repeating?

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks Fred. Your comments are quite inspirational - there will be a form which you've inspired me to write as and which I'm literally inventing as I type this where just one word changes in each line. A challenge but I'll get it right and post something - now see what you've stared !!

          • Fay Slimm.

            Powerful subject and the triolet form with its repetition is an inspired addition Michael. - - Fine read.

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks Fay - she is a bit of a minx isn't she.

            • Edward Charles McDevitt

              A very nice write Mike! Sensitivity and Sexuality.. In its' purist form. Nicely done Mike and I really enjoyed this one!

              • Michael Edwards

                Thank you Edward - I do appreciate your feedback.

              • WL Schuett

                Liked it Michael , hope you feel better soon

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks Bill - still in the dripping stages at the moment and throats beginning to get quite raw and pictures to hang in a local bank tomorrow so here's hoping. Tried to write earlier but couldn't concentrate.

                • Louis Gibbs

                  I'm amazed at the many ways poetry can be presented as mathematical equations, Michael. You seem to know them all. Kudos!

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Can't say I do know that many Louis - just the shorter ones - there are many that require a large amount of stanzas which I haven't got the patience for and which I've not even looked into.

                  • malubotelho

                    Beautiful awesome form and the reading is very smooth. Another learning

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Thank you Malu - I actually think this is among the best I have written - if only all I write was of this standard.

                      • malubotelho

                        Well it is only getting better. We can not be perfect everyday.

                      • rrodriguez

                        You bring us all these great poems. Challenge us to take a whack at and still you come up with something new. Great job!

                        • Michael Edwards

                          You've just come up with something pretty awesome yourself R - thanks for the comment - so much appreciated.

                        • ron parrish aka wordman

                          and let`s not forget this works both ways,

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