Wedding Day


I went to a wedding the other day

and watched as blue eyes met blue

So in love on this first day together

Never hesitating as they said 'I do'


It reminds me of my wedding day

I felt regal wearing a tiara with pearls

My grandpa walked me down the aisle

My long hair pulled up in curls


The unity candle and the rest of the

ceremony was nothing without that kiss

Our vows we took were lifelong and true

But I couldn't wait till the pastor did dismiss


The reception and the food and

the cake I suppose were fine

But nothing compared to the first

dance of bride and groom--divine!


Our song played and there was

seldom a dry eye in the room

Our eyes were lost in each others

as I slow danced with my groom


Now our marriage is far from 

perfect, but he is my best friend

I will love him till death parts us

Together till the very end.

  • Author: Christina (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 2nd, 2017 06:31
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  • SunSearcher

    Very sweet poem! Sometimes we just need that reminder of how it was in the beginning.


    • Christina8

      Thanks SS! I appreciate the kind review. Yes, it was a wonderful beginning!

    • Jeff

      Very nice...great write

      • Christina8

        Haven't seen you in a while! Thanks for the great compliment!

        • Jeff

          Youre welcome

        • Goldfinch60

          Good write, 'til death do us part is so true.

          • Christina8

            Thanks GF, I appreciate the compliment. Sometimes today people forget the "til death do us part line!

          • orchidee

            A fine write Christina.

            • Christina8

              Thanks so much orchidee!

            • Michael Edwards

              For the love of my life and me it's forever - lovely words Christina.

              • Christina8

                Thanks so much Michael---Very much appreciated!

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks for sharing CHRIS ~ I love you because you are such a ROMANTIC ! I am pleased the Wedding stirred your Happy Muse ! I've never been married but I always get misty eyed if I am attending with a LOVER ! I am pleased the Wedding reminded you of yours (a few years ago) with DREAM MAN ! Especially as your relationship is lasting and still sizzling ! Thanks for sharing & caring ~ Romantic Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@@@@@

                • Christina8

                  Thanks for you wonderful reply, Brian! I knew you would enjoy. Someday you will be misty eyed attending your own wedding! 🙂 Appreciate the lovely compliments! Hugs-Christina

                • Tony36

                  Sweet and beautiful write

                  • Christina8

                    Well, thank you tony!!

                    • Tony36


                    • FredPeyer

                      Nice and sweet and so full of beautiful memories! As you pointed out, there is no such thing as a 'perfect' marriage, but there are so many perfect moments!
                      Great poem, Christina!

                      • Christina8

                        Thank you Fred for saying that! There really are those "moments" that take our breath away. I appreciate the read and the compliments!--Christina

                      • Fay Slimm.

                        Thank you Christina for sharing not only your glorious day but the love you found after which has lasted so long. A refreshing read and may joy wrap you both round as you continue together.

                        • Christina8

                          Thanks so much Fay! The compliments are appreciated more than you know!

                        • Simple-Man87

                          You are so lovely and romantic. Realist as well. No marriage is perfect. They say that we never take pictures of the bad times, only the good. But it's getting through those bad times together, that keeps the others coming.

                          You're a strong and very sweet lady. Thank you for sharing.

                          • Christina8

                            Thanks so much SM!! It really means a lot for you to say those kind things. Your compliments are appreciated!--Christina

                          • malubotelho

                            Wow Christina. This is so lovely beautiful. Great wedding day you had and great marriage you still having. I love to know couples can stay together for the whole life. I have an ex husbands and two sons and now I've divorced and have another man. Know what this means. I have four guys to cherish and love because once you get married and have kids you still attached as a family. It never ends. We now just got to be a bigger family. You are very sweet sharing your best moment with us. Thanks

                            • Christina8

                              I really appreciate your feedback kind words. Thanks for the read and compliments! Thanks again--Christina

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