C H R I S T M A S ! A Flow Sonnet




EXCITED about presents and TREES !

TREES feature in every Season ~ YES ?

YES of course ~ but Christmas Trees are SPECIAL

SPECIAL 'cos of Lights and PRESENTS

PRESENTS ~ sitting under Tree for DAYS

DAYS of anticipation ~ For clues we feel the PARCELS  

PARCELS of every substance ~ shape & SIZE  

SIZE matters at Christmas ~ we all want a big ONE !

ONE we can show to our Friends and SAY .......

SAY what ?  My Cell Phone is slimmer than YOURS

YOURS looks like a WALKIE ~ TALKIE


DESIGNER Presents ~ Designer Trees ~ Designer CHRISTMAS !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX

In a FLOW POEM each line must begin with the last WORD

in the preceding line ! The final WORD must be the same as

the first WORD ! Try one they're not as difficult as they look !

I have CAPITALISED the first and last words in each line to

emphasise that it is a FLOW POEM ~ OK ~ BRIAN  XOXOX 




  • orchidee

    A fine write Brian.


      Thanks STEVE ~ I know how much you love ~ The Singing ~ The eating and The Sherry etc. ! PLEASE STOP sampling all those goodies ~ and feeling all those parcels ~ WAIT 'TIL CHRISTMAS ~ Yours BRIAN

      • orchidee

        Heehee I shall have drunk all the sherry - and who ate all the pies? Me! - before Christmas. It won't be merry for ya, but it will be for me! You'll know it's me at ya door Carol Singing. But you'll think it's two cats fighting, and you'll chuck a bucket of water over me!

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      • Christina8

        I have never heard of a flow poem before but you're quite good at it! Love the picture! Wonderful poem! Christmas hugs-Christina

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks CHRISTINA ~ Well as you know I am a Performance POET and for good recitation at a Poetry Reading ~ every POEM should flow ! You are a Sassy Adventurous Lady ~ You should try one for yourself ! I know how much you love all aspects of CHRISTMAS and I know your TREE will look just like that on CHRISMAS DAY ~ Advent Hugs for my Best MPS Lady ! BRIAN "Every Day is Christmas Day ~ AMEN !"

        • Goldfinch60

          Good fun write.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Yes ANDY our ODES can be a little sombre at times ~ AND RIGHTLY SO ! However I injected a little linguistic lolloping laughter into \"My ODE for Monday !\" BRIAN

          • Michael Edwards

            Great work and something else for me to try.

          • Fay Slimm.

            You have perfected the flow poem with your exciting and seasonal sonnet dear Brian - a delight to read.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks FAY ~ Lovely comment ~ I'm always excited during the Christmas Period ~ it compensates for the cold weather ~ which is why it isn't in JUNE ! Yours in every Season ~ BRIAN

            • FineB

              Hi BRIANSODES,

              You have certainly captured the essence of Xmas with your poem.

              Good stuff!

              Keep writing

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