I've Never Told

A memory supressed by thirty years

A face stained with biting tears

A life so full of irrational fears

I need you by my side


Like a pinata, I was a toy

Only to be broken, not to show joy

As quiet as a mouse, I was coy

I need you by my side


This all happened in my youth

As no one around me knew the truth

Like a fox "they" thought they were smooth

I need you by my side


They say I have a heart of gold

Despite the story I've never told

Forget all the drama that would unfold

I now can stand alone


  • Drewp

    This is powerful.I hope it’s not written from personal experience. Still amazed at the power of words

    • Christina8

      Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate very much your kind words.

    • tepo

      Great flow and share
      Sheer strength
      Well done Christina
      Proud to know you

      • Christina8

        Thank you so much Stevie! I appreciate the kindness in your words. Humbled.

      • Goldfinch60

        Very strong write, I hope al, is well in your life now,

        • Christina8

          Thanks GF for the read. Yes, my life is fine now. Appreciate the compliment.

        • Michael Edwards

          Strong write from a strong person - well writ Christina.

          • Christina8

            Thank you Michael. It means so much to hear that!

          • Shadowbox15

            That is a powerful message. But, who are ‘they’?

            • Christina8

              I'd rather not say, but I appreciate the read and the reply very much!

            • Syd

              Hi Christina, l like this poem. You'l have to forgive me as I'm not too good at reviews but I'm a sucker for poems that rhyme and I like the punchline of that last stanza - Syd

              • Christina8

                Well thank you very much Syd! I appreciate that you liked it. Never worry about your review, just the fact that you did was great!

              • orchidee

                A fine write Christina. me new word for today: *looks up piñata*. Hey , it's put a squiggle over the 'n''. I never put it there! Oh, it's a tilde. Do shut up now Orchi, you're rambling. lol.

                • Christina8

                  Thanks for reading and commenting orchidee! You are so silly!

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Ohhhhhhhhh PANDORA ~ You have at last opened the BOX ! So many intriguing triplets released in one Poetic Confession ! 30 years ~ tears ~ fears # toy ~ joy ~ coy # youth ~ truth ~ smooth # gold ~ told ~ unfold # And NOW ~ You can stand on your own two beautiful feet ~ AMEN ! I'm pleased you left it OBJECTIVE ANGEL ~ because you don't want to hurt ~ those you desperately wanted to love ! This is your best poem ever Angel ~ it flows and ripples like a cleansing Mountain Stream ~ I'm not surprised you got 20+ reads and lots of lovely comments ~ MPS Loves You (me included !) Thanks for caring & sharing ~ HUGS in the SPIRIT ~ BRIAN "Soul Searcher"

                  • Christina8

                    Thank you for the incredible reply! Thanks for saying it was my best poem ever. I appreciate that. And your support! I was just writing what was on my soul. Thanks for caring. Spiritual hugs--Christina

                  • Santita

                    A powerful write, Christina. Your strength shines through this poetic piece. The last stanza is great; especially your last line. You have both a heart of gold & can stand alone. Proud of you for sharing. *big hugs*

                    • Christina8

                      Thanks for the read and your comment. I appreciate your support. It was tough to post! I thank you for the compliments. *hugs back* Christina

                    • Simple-Man87

                      This was incredible. These subtle secrets define our lives. You've become a very strong writer and an even stronger woman, due to your experience, thank you for sharing a bit of heart with us.

                      • Christina8

                        Thanks so much SM! I really appreciate your kindness and continued support. I also appreciate your kind words!

                      • Fay Slimm

                        A heart-wrenching feel to this honest piece dear Christina - the positive ending shows how best to cope. Thanks for sharing a time of great challenge.

                        • Christina8

                          Thank you so much Fay on your read and reply! Yes, it was in fact challenging to write and post. I appreciate your continued support!--Christina

                        • WL Schuett

                          This feels like another step forward , good writing Christina!

                          • Christina8

                            Thanks so much Bill, I appreciate the read and the kind reply!

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