Persisting Praises

Tune: Cwm Rhondda

('Guide me, O thou great Jehovah')

Repeat last line of each verse.


Psalm 68 v.4

Sing praises to God, His name raise

Glorious through endless days

Extol Him, the heavens aloft

He rides o'er each town and croft

His name JAH, Jehovah, the Lord

Rejoice in His living word (x2)


Psalm 68 v.17

God's chariots, twenty thousand

All under His mighty hand

Even thousands of angels bright

They behold Him, that their sight

The Lord He among them is there

As in Sinai He did fare (x2)


Psalm 68 v.35

The Lord terrible and awesome

From holy places does come

God of Israel, strength and power

Gives His people every hour

He worthy be of our thanks, praise

For all glory it be His (x2)


Psalm 69 v.33-34

The LORD hears the poor, He does not

Despise His prisoners lot

For He comes to help, deliver

To set them free He does stir

So let all things, heaven, earth, seas

Praise Him, pray with humble pleas (x3)


Psalm 70 v.4

Let all those that seek you rejoice

And exalt you with one voice

Let them be glad in you, and let

Such as love you, no regret

Say continually, 'Let God be

Magnified', the whole world see (x2)


Psalm 71 v.3

Be you my strong habitation

Wondrous works great you have done

Unto you I constant resort

You have led me, me have taught

Command you did give to save me

My rock, my fortress you be (x2)


Psalm 71 v.16

I will go in your strength daily

Strength of you Lord GOD it be

I will make mention too here sure

Of your righteousness e'er more

Through all ages of my life span

And of each child, woman, man (x2)





  • w c

    Thanks for this uplifting poem.

    • orchidee

      Thanks wc.

    • Michael Edwards

      Darn good O

      • orchidee

        Thanks M.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        CWM RHONDA ~ One of the best especially when sung in Welsh. I used to lead parties of Scouse Teenagers up Y WYDDFA (Mount Snowdon) and we learned the first verse in Welsh (some Scousers can speak Welsh as well as Scouse !) and always sang it (in four part harmony) at the Summit ~ All Scousers can sing ! Loved your POEM as well ~ you are a Wordsmith ! Yours BRIAN

        • orchidee

          Thanks Brian. In the clip they make a rousing rendition of it. No use whispering some hymns!

        • Gary Edward Geraci

          Your treatment of these verses inspired me to go to several of the original biblical Psalms quoted. In doing so I am able discern the wonderful, tasteful embellishments that you have created here in this work. Masterfully done my my friend.

          • orchidee

            Thanks Gary. I'm not TOO random in the verse(s) per stanza of certain of my poems. It seems they are grouped in themes, or approximately so. Say 3 or 4 on the same sort of theme, then they seem to move on to another theme. Well, it is a 'hymn-book', the book of Psalms. In hymn books the hymns are arranged by themes. I admit I pick out the 'good bits' as it were! But verses about vengeance upon enemies, etc, do not seem to fit to hymn tunes very well! Hmmm.

          • Goldfinch60

            Good hymn Orchi.

            • orchidee

              Thanks Gold. You joined in their lively rendition? Sound like Methodists?!

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