WRAPPING PARCELS is an excellent

Remedy for pre-Christmas blues 

An activity loved by MEN !

Presents come in all shape & sizes

Presents like bikes ~ are hard to wrap !

I enjoy wrapping my presents in .....

Nice Seasonal paper and then

Great big bows and stickers !


Presents look much better when wrapped

A CHEQUE or a VOUCHER ~ is not

Really a PRESENT ~ It says "You .....

Choose ~ I can't think of anything !"

Each one I LOVE get PRESENTS ~ I

Like to keep the bill ~ JUST ON CASE ..... !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments ~ welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


This POEM is presented as a Blank Verse Acrostic

Sonnet in iambic tetrameter (8 syllables per line)   

  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 21st, 2017 02:30
  • Category: Special occasion
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  • Goldfinch60

    Good write but not my idea of fun these days.


      I appreciate your sentiment ANDY ~ when I was child (1980's & 90's) helping Dad to chose the wrapping Paper ~ and wrap ~ was good fun and we always had our first hot mince pies ! It is basically a communal activity ! Because I live alone in my Flat it tends to be a solo activity ! ANGELA helps me to choose (she is a Shopaholic !) and on Friday Night when she stays over ~ she will help me to wrap some of them ! Yours BRIAN

    • orchidee

      Erm, you got time to wrap those presents then? I thought it was massage night for you! Swoon! lol. What night is my massage night, seeing as I've just married Kate Price, so it's said?! It's a ghastly event for me. You wouldn't want details.

    • orchidee

      But know what you mean. We had to wrap some parcels (not Christmas ones) as part of a skills course. Doh, we may say! But it's part of personal skills.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        YES INDEED STEVE ~ It is an engineering challenge and I have an NVQ (level 1) in Parcel wrapping ! The paper has to be age & person appropriate ~ the paper has to be cut to the right size ~ the parcel wrapped and sellotaped ~ a sticker or tag indicating recipient (one year Grandad got frilly knickers and Grandma a pipe ~ He is now a crossdresser & she smokes like a chimney !) and finally a colour~coordinated bow ~ see picture. This is why the MEN DO IT ~ Yours BRIAN

      • Christina8

        Wow, the men do it? I can't get any help with present wrapping! 🙂 It's a good thing I love doing it! Great acrostic Brian. Funny what you said to Orchidee about the bloomers and the pipe!! Anyway, a check or gift card still goes into a box so it looks like a present! I could go on and on.....Holiday hugs-Christina

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          THANKS FOR YOUR LOVELY COMMENTS CHRIS ! My DAD is very methodical ~ and like me he sees Present Wrapping as an Art ~ choosing & sizing the paper and then wrapping & bowing & labelling etc ! I like the American Strores because they have PACKERS for groceries and WRAPPERS for gifts (sometimes at no extra charge) ~ USA ~ Service with a Smile HAVE A NICE DAY ! Problem is lots of People ~ instead of Clothes they dont like or dont fit ~ booze they dont drink ~ chocs they wont eat and electronic gizmos they wont use etc etc. They (especially TEENS) like Money and / or Vouchers ! You can always put a $20 bill in a BIG BOX but its not the same as an unwearable Christmas Sweater saying \"Come down my Chimney ANYTIME of the Year" For fussy relations I enclose the BILL because I know they will go back to the shop and change it !
          Thanksgiving Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@@@@@

        • Michael Edwards

          Wrapping is always my job and my wife writes all the cards - And so between us both you see we wipe the platter clean.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Very good ~ MICHAEL ~ pleased you agree with ME ! I give ANGELA the CARD List and she buys the presents and I wrap them ~ A sensible "Division of Labour" ! Yours BRIAN

          • Fay Slimm.

            Sorry but In know not one man who does this delectable wrapping job Brian - might call and surprise you one of these days just to see for myself a male actually wrapping a whole heap of Christmas pressies. - Great read again dear friend.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks FAY ~ You are welcome anytime to see the Packaging Monster ! Also check Michaels comment on my answer ~ So with my DAD that makes THREE of us "Packers" !

          • Laura🌻

            Caro Amico BRIAN...
            I’m the wrapper in my house! I love wrapping presents! My men take the easy way out. They either use a gift bag or they let store wrappers do it! Great acrostic for a great occasion! GRAZIE!
            Baci e abbracci...

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              BUENO GIORNO ~ LAURA LA MIA CARA AMICA ! Well LAURA because Men can't multitask we always take the easy way ~ in and out ! Christmas Bags and USA Store Wrappers take both the pain and the pleasure out of wrapping. I have altered my FUSION to include all celebrations including THANKSGIVING ~ so please feel free to add a POEM ~ OK Baci e Abbracci en abundancia ~ BRIAN Uomo per tutti saisiones !

            • FineB

              Hi BrianSODES,

              The season of goodwill is upon us.

              I love wrapping presents.

              Many thanks for this witty poem on Wrapping presents.

              Merry Xmas

              Keep writing

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Yes FINE ~ one (of many) reason why I like to choose presents rather than taking the easy way out and sending cheques or vouchers ! In the same way I prefer to send CARDS and not emails ! For me wrapping the presents is as much fun as buying them ! When I wrap for post I always wrap in Chrissy Paper first ! The cost of mailing is excessive ~ sometimes more than the cost but not the value !) of the prezzie ! When I send parcels to the USA I take out a mortgage ! Despite all my altruism (in my poems) with some of my American Friends ~ I tell them I have bought a SHIRT & TIE ~ wrapped and put it under my tree from you ~ you buy something (from me) and put it under your tree ! Maybe that's a Man Thing ~ not an easy way out but ~ Lateral Thinking ! Happy Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@

            • myself and me

              Already in the mood of Christmas. Lovely poem.

            • FredPeyer

              I like to use the comics pages to wrap gifts, that way, if the recipient does not like the gift, at least he/she can read the comics!
              You should see how the Japanese wrap gifts! The wrapping is more expensive than what is inside!

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