Christina S

This Moment

I used to write from a place so dark

after the holidays, maybe I'm doomed to repeat

So right now I'll revel in love and reflection

And focus on family and our joy quite replete


Even though winter is often the culprit

of what seems to be a never ending type of sorrow

I am also aware that I will not give it strength

I will not give it another second of my life to borrow


I have recently pushed through and

made a few more gains on my anxiety

But anxious or not, Christmas is almost here

and making it happen for people is important to me


So, putting on hold my thoughts of uncertainty

And trying out all of my newfound liberties

This happy feeling is the only gift I need

For however long it lasts, this moment I choose to seize



  • Simple-Man87

    Beautiful, Christina. Absolutely beautiful. One of your best and one of my favorites. Your ability to overcome, even if temporary, is amazing to me and speaks volumes of your character. I love how you put priorities and joys of others, before your own feelings. Cherish this time of peace of happiness. Thank you for sharing.

    • Christina S

      I thank you so much for your complimentary reply, SM! I hesitated on posting, so I'm glad you liked it! I appreciate your support so much. Your reply made me very happy! Definitely am taking time out to cherish, like you said, this important time. Thanks again!-Christina

    • Diamond

      Very well expressed Christina. You might want to take some time out of your busy life to sit with your thoughts and untangle them. It's a rewarding process you see. Nicely written.

      • Christina S

        Thank you diamond! Great advice! Thanks for the read and the complimentary reply!

      • Tony36

        Well written and expressed

        • Christina S

          Thank you Tony!

          • Tony36


          • myself and me

            Very good attitude to life.

            • Christina S

              Thanks so much M&M for reading and replying to my poem. Very much appreciated!

            • Michael Edwards

              Another super write Christina

              • Christina S

                I really appreciate it Michael! :-)

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                WOW CHRISTINA ~ Love this Poem and all the comments you have received to date~ they echo my sentiments on reading it ! beautiful in Structure (Quatrains with a consistent Rhyming pattern (xaxa xbxb etc) and plenty of Rhythm !) I also love the positivity in the Subject ~ STANZA 1. Transition from Dark to Light and from Sorrow to Joy ~ AMEN ! S 2. Banish the Winter Blues ~ HALELUJAH ! S 3. Overcoming Anxiety for the sake of CHRISTMAS (and CHRIST !) ~ AWESOME ! S 4. Uncertainty ~ ON HOLD and LIBERTY ~ ON GOING ! Result HAPPINESS ~ THANK THE LORD THAT YOU'VE BEEN BLESSED ~ WITH MORE THAN YOUR SHARE OF ~ HAPPINESS ! CARPE DIEM ! This Poem has made me so so Happy Angel that I'm crying with JOY ~ I am praying that this mood will last into the NEW YEAR & BEYOND ~ AMEN ~ Christmas Hugs & Brotherly Kisses BRIAN XOXOX

                • Christina S

                  Thank you so much Brian! I really appreciate your feedback and support! I am glad that it has made you happy! So I am happy! You and I both hope this mood lasts quite a long time. Thanks for just being you! Christmas hugs back--Christina

                • Accidental Poet

                  May your positivity last long past the holidays and set a trend for the new year Christina. It is a festive season.

                  • Christina S

                    Thank you AP! I truly appreciate your read and your very kind feedback! Thanks again!

                  • FredPeyer

                    Great poem, Christina! Just think, if you can do it now (put aside your anxiety problems) you know you can do it again, and again....

                    • Christina S

                      Thanks fred! I sure hope you are right! Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it!

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Wonderful positive write, you are definitely heading the write way, these positive thoughts and ways will soon become the norm and your anxiety WILL become a thing of the past.

                      • Christina S

                        Thank you GF! I surely hope that what you say is true! Seems to be working. Thanks for the kind advice!

                      • Its Raskolnikov

                        Keep fighting, keep writing, don't stop.

                        • Christina S

                          Thank you! I appreciate the read and the kind reply!

                        • tepo

                          Its almost upon us
                          Great to see you already set for any challenge ahead
                          Felt the love
                          Great writing Christina
                          Brian's comment summed it up perfectly

                          • Christina S

                            Thank you so much! Appreciate the kind words!
                            Also appreciate your support!

                          • Santita

                            Oh yes! I am glad to read this, Christina! You are a beautiful and strong person! Even battling something as difficult as depression, you handle yourself with such grace and this poem truly reflects that! I admire your strength. Wonderful write, my friend.

                            • Christina S

                              You don't know how happy this reply made me. Thank you so much for being my friend!! You see me as I see you---strong and full of grace. Thanks again, it is appreciated more than you know!

                            • ron parrish aka wordman

                              i put my feelings on hold for a while,christmas is here,i must wear that happy face

                              • Christina S

                                Yeah, I try. I just wrote a christmas poem, LOL! Thanks for the read and your kind reply!

                                • ron parrish aka wordman

                                  always a pleasure,,have a merry christmas

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