YOU ARE A TREE ! A 7 7 Blank Sonnet




YOU are a Tree of Holiness ~ Says the Lord

People of Holiness ~ make their Nation GREAT AGAIN

Flourishing like PALMS ~ Growing like CEDARS

You shall bear choice fruit ~ all your LIFE

You are rooted and growing in LOVE ! 

You are Trees planted by the "River of Life"

Photosynthesising with Holy Water !


You produce choice Fruit ~ every month

Your leaves are for healing the Sick & Broken

You are essential like the Olive and the Fig

And the Coconut Palm and the Grape Vine

That produces Wine that gladdens our Hearts

You are strong Trees that shelter Young Saplings

You will bear the Fruit of Teaching ~ Wisdom ~ Salvation


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


What sort of TREE are you ? The USA ~ UK ~ Your Country

needs you to be a Tree of Holiness to make your NATION

Great Again ~ Be the Tree GOD wants you to be ~ AMEN


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  • rrodriguez

    You'rere to bear choice fruits and like you said planted by the river of life. Thanks Brian for this word. Be blessed!


      GRACIAS AMIGO ~ I have added another verse ~ please revisit ~ Yours BRIAN

      • rrodriguez

        Will read it.

      • orchidee

        A fine write Brian. Echoes of Psalms and other verses in this. Couldn't trace a verse with 'photosynthesising' in it though! heehee.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks STEVE an interesting observation ! Photosynthesis is a very important biochemical process whereby trees convert CO2 & H2O into Glucose and OXYGEN ~ The animals breath in OXYGEN and eat "glucose etc" to provide energy and breath out CO2 ! This symbiosis maintained the CO2 level at 250 ppm ! Then came the Industrial Revolution ! We chopped down the trees and burned fossil fuel etc and now the CO2 is 500 ppm ! This causes Global Warming etc ! GOD designed PHOTOSYNTHESIS and the flora / fauna symbiosis but He was careful when he wrote the Bible ~ The Word of God ~ not to use words before they were in the dictionary ! Thanks for your comment ~ Have a schooner of sherry and read mine again & again ! BRIAN

          • orchidee

            Thanks Brian. I probably learnt this at school millions of years ago, now forgotten it. Meanwhile, I'm dashing off to find out how much a schooner of sherry is - hope it's a lot! lol.

          • Laura🌻

            Buongiorno Mio Caro Amico BRIAN...
            La mia prima lettura di questa mattina! My first read of the day! A beautiful message to begin my day! Grazie! Many blessings to you and Angela on this day and always!
            Forte Abbracci e Baci...

            NB-I am partial to...Figs, Olives, Grapes, and Persimmons!

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              GRAZIE CARA MIA LAURA ~ Thanks for you encouraging comment ! Trees are another of God's precious gifts to mankind ! In addition to fruit and many medical products WOOD is awesome it is a natural fibre (cellulose) reinforced thermosetting resin (lignin) all we Scientists do is "Think God's thoughts after HIM !" AMEN Love your choice of FRUIT ! Baci e Abbracci en profusione ~ BRIAN XOXOX

            • Shadowbox15

              That was a lovely poem. Reminded me of a scripture story, one of my favorites when I was younger.

              (I’m Canadian, by the way.)

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                Thanks SHADOW ~ Pleased you liked it and that it stirred spiritual memories ! Love CANADA & the CANADIANS ~ Yours Brian (UK) Where are you living in Canada? We have our first snow today in SE England so we are all wrapped up making SNOWMEN and tobogganing with the local kids ! B.

                • Shadowbox15

                  I live in a town just southeast of Edmonton. I’ve been to Victoria and have seen much of southern Alberta.

                • Fay Slimm.

                  The tree your wise words describe where its shade keeps saplings spiritually alive and its fruit feeds not only its own roots but all who partake makes wonderful reading my friend - an inspiring and worthy piece as a reminder and goes into my faves.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks for your comment FAY and for making it a FAVE ! I love all aspects of Nature and they all have Spiritual Connotations ! Living in Cornwall you are closer to Nature than anywhere in the UK. We have deep snow (3 inches) in the SE of England today ! How's the SW ? Yours as always BRIAN

                    • Fay Slimm.

                      It has been a windy but fairly mild and sunny day here Brian - we rarely get the extremes in the deep south-west of Cornwall. Hope you enjoy the snowballing though. x

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Another uplifting write Brian.

                      • BRIAN & ANGELA

                        THANKS MICHAEL ~ in this weather we all need an uplift ~ 4 inches in Essex ! BRIAN

                        • Michael Edwards

                          About the same here Brian and the main road through our village is blocked at the moment in one direction - thankfully we can still get into Town which is in the other direction.

                        • Christina8

                          A wonderful write especially for a Sunday! Sorry I'm responding so late. But I found your poem to be inspirational. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful! Hugs in spirit--Christina

                          • BRIAN & ANGELA

                            Thanks CHRIS ~ I always like to post something uplifting & inspirational on a Sunday ! There is too much gloom ~ doom and negativity on MPS lately. Sunday Hugs ~ BRIAN

                          • FredPeyer

                            Nice poem, Brian. But I guess God must have had a bad hair day when He made my tree.

                            • BRIAN & ANGELA

                              THANKS FRED ~ According to the Bible ~ GOD just designed the DNA for each species of Tree ~ after its kind ! How an individual tree grows is up to us and the horticulturists ~ I still climb trees ! Yours BRIAN

                              • FredPeyer

                                Well, so do I, just look at the picture of me climbing up that coconut tree!!!

                              • tinathealien

                                This poem was lovely and made me feel better. was it kind of a response to mine?

                                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                                  YES INNDEED TINA ~ You excellent poem on the BAOBAB TREE did stir my TREE MUSE ~ Trees are awesome and I always treat them with respect ~ In S E England their garland of snow has covered their Winter nakedness and they all look beautiful ~Thanks for your comment and please post more poems ! Yours BRIAN (UK)

                                  • tinathealien

                                    Awesome! You inspire me to write more poems so I will most certainly post some more. I've always written poems for school but not too many on my own so this is a newer thing I am trying out.

                                  • Goldfinch60

                                    We all bear different fruits in our lives. Good write Brian.

                                    • BRIAN & ANGELA

                                      THANKS ANDY ~ The BIBLE says "By their FRUITS you shall discern their CHARACTER ~ AMEN" I love Olive Trees ~ Olives and Olive Oil ~ hence my picture. Olive Wood is also unique ! So I would be an OLIVE TREE ~ Yours BRIAN

                                    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

                                      '' you are rooted and growing in love '' i love this line .. lovely poem .. trees are truly amazing.. nice read

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