ENGLAND is covered in SNOW

You cannot walk ~ you slip and slide

It's freezing ~ wherever WE GO !


Cars & Bikes are all driving slow

If you fall ~ it hurts your BACKSIDE !

ENGLAND is covered in SNOW


Making all our poor noses glow

We would much rather be inside

It's freezing ~ wherever WE GO !


We love to make SNOWMEN ~ you know

From the SNOW there is nowhere to hide

ENGLAND is covered in SNOW


On the Railways it's all ~ Stop & Go

I'll have to take a Sleigh Bell ride

It's freezing ~ wherever WE GO !


Aeroplanes can't fly from Heathrow

No Florida Christmas ~ I've cried !

ENGLAND is covered in SNOW

It's freezing wherever WE GO !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome Love BRIAN XOX


For those not familiar with the villanelle ~ It is a  FRENCH

classical poetic form with 19 lines and only two rhymes 

a & b  Repeated line are capitalised which results in pattern

A1 b A2  a b A1  a b A2  a b A1  a b A2  a b A1 A2

I hope that is clear ! Normally the lines are co-syllabic ~ OK 


Dear President TRUMP please please stop Climate Change

ban the use of COAL etc. and cut down on CO2 emissions !

Climate change has brought Hotter Summers to the UK

(which we like ~ we can holiday in Clacton not St Tropez)

and Colder Winters which we hate ! It causes Canada to 

laugh at us ~ England grinds to a halt if we get more than

two inches !  We don't have Snow chains and Snow Ploughs

and we've already run out of salt ! We are all dreaming of

"A Sunny Christmas ~ Just like the ones we used to know !" 




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  • Published: December 11th, 2017 07:29
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  • Goldfinch60

    Snow is best when viewed on Christmas Cards.


      CAREFUL ANDY ~ Your age is showing ! Those of us who are under 40 can still enjoy the White Stuff ~ I made a SNOWMAN yesterday ~ and had a snowball fight with my students @ lunch break !t Out carolling tonight ~ lots of hot mince pies and mulled wine ! Yours BRIAN

      • FineB

        Thank you Brian;

        Wonderful poem.

        England is truly covered in snow at present

        Difficult to commute into work at times.

        Keep writing


      • Michael Edwards

        Snow is always best
        if you say it without the 's'.

        Great villan whotsits Brian.

        • orchidee

          You know these Villa-wotsits Michael? Related to Aston Villa football team?!

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks MIKE ~ pleased you liked it ! Because of the repetition the Villanelle is an ideal form for a POEM where you wish to reinforce the TITLE ~ Brian

          • orchidee

            Oohh a Villa-wotsit! So says Michael too. I dunno what it is, mind you. lol.
            Well, at least it's English - the poem. Some have been appearing in Greek! Depends if things are 'all Greek' to us, I suppose! Some gremlin got in.

          • Christina8

            Awesome poem! Well, it looks like a white christmas for you too, huh, Brian? I'm getting covered in the stuff!! But that is winter life here. Sorry about the inconvenience that snow makes for England! Snow buddies--Christina

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks CHRIS ~ we shall SURVIVE ! I put it down to IGNORANCE ! Climate change due to CO2 causes Global Warming (Summer) but also to maintain equilibrium Global Cooling (Winter) so our climate is now like IOWA ~ Hot Summers & Cold Winters ! The trouble is we are NOT PREPARED ~ No SNOW CHAINS ~ few SNOW PLOUGHS and never enough SALT to de-freeze the roads. Hence more than 2 inches grinds us to a HALT. I am an Environmental Scientist and I have written to the UK Environmental Agency who thanked me for my information ! It is going to get worse ! Our temperatures at night are forecast to fall to MINUS 13C which is about 10F lower than ALASKA ! Thanks for your concern ~ I am praying TRUMP will be replaced by AL GORE who is an Academic Environmentalist ~ who not only BELIEVES in Climate Change ~ he actually understands it ~ AMEN ! Love in the Snow ~ BRIAN Your Own Snow Angel !

            • FredPeyer

              Great pic, Brian! And as you so eloquently point out, snow can be both, beautiful and a pain in the neck!
              The last time I shoveled snow was 30 years ago in Montreal!

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