Michael Edwards

THE CHINESE BRUSH (Completed Work)





Passed down from distant Dynasties

through frameworks formed by principles

the Chinese brush the instrument of

the rhythmic skills of mastery.


Prepared from bark of sandalwood

the porous paper gathers strokes

by hair of wolf and goat applied

the ink of soot and gum.


Positioned down the laden brush

through pressures in directed lines

with breath of life and energy

reflects creative faculty.


Both form and space in complement

and crystallised through skills consigned

avoiding codes of symmetry

the rhythmic skills of mastery. 








  • orchidee

    Fine writes in each part Michael.

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write those "rhythmic skils of mastery" are echoed in you words Michael.


    Love your "blank verse" Poetry Michael it has so much "rhythm" that rhyme would be an intrusion ! I have enjoyed these "Odes to a Chinese Brush" ! To today's BRUSHY I have assigned the title "Father Christmas' National Elf Service !" Thanks for CHEERING US UP ! BRIAN

    • Michael Edwards

      I think you sum it so well Brian - I often feel that striving to rhyme detracts from the flow and is indeed an intrusion. And a huge thank you for your endorsement - coming from you it really does mean so much and shows that at least I am achieving something when I put pen to paper. On another forum I have been involved in a debate about Cockney rhyming slang for health and safety and pleased to see 'Elf' in the title. (I've not been able to discover any CRS for health and safety other 'elf and safety me ole mucker).

    • Fay Slimm.

      Loud applause for this finished tribute to the Chinese Brush -- talent for using it is shown by the picture dear Michael - thanks for sharing the two sides of your gifts.

      • Michael Edwards

        Bless you Fay - thanks so much .

      • Louis Gibbs

        I envy and appreciate those of you with the gift of creating visual art. Congratulations on both the art and poem, Michael!

        • Michael Edwards

          Thanks so much Louis - not sure if my artistic skills are a gift but I have worked hard at them for many years to get where I am and I can see there's still a lot further to go .

        • Christina8

          Enjoyed watching the stages very much--love the picture! Enjoyed the poem as well. All very interesting!

        • FredPeyer

          Your last line also describes your poem, Michael! Nuff said!

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