Smile at a Stranger.

We go through each day in our own world,

Sometimes it could be better

But we are here and that is always good.

We can see the good inside us

As long as we head towards the light,

The light that is always there in our lives.


There are people whose life may be in darkness

And they can be helped.

So when you go out today

Give a stranger one of your smiles,

It might be the only sunshine they see all day.


  • orchidee

    Good write Gold.

  • Michael Edwards

    Always smile - it breaks barriers and brings warmth - great work Andy.

    • Goldfinch60

      Thanks Michael, it seems to work for me.

    • WL Schuett

      Good upbeat poem always smile it confuses people I like that

      • Goldfinch60

        Thanks WL, smiling sure does confuse people.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks ANDY ~ A lovely SONG & Nat King Cole is a unique singer and he added mellowness and sincerity to every song he sang ~ HE is indeed UNFORGETTABLE ! Ilove GREG's voice and his presence and his tribute album to NKC has revived an interest in both NAT & NATALIE ~ AMEN ! Let us all make 2018 "The Year of the SMILE" The adage "SMILE and the World SMILES with you ~ Frown and you frown ALONE ! When I was a TEEN my "nickname" was SMILER and I SMILE as often as I can ~ KEEP SMILING ! Yours BRIAN ! I give talks on NKC and they are always well received ! Yours BRIAN

        • Goldfinch60

          Thank you Brian, much appreciated as ever.

        • Louis Gibbs

          Great advice, Goldie! And well put.

          • Goldfinch60

            Thank you Louis, you are most kind.

          • Fay Slimm

            Good advice Goldi - - giving a smile always has an affect on passers by.

            • Goldfinch60

              Thank you Fay, it surely does.

            • Tony36

              Well written and expressed

              • Goldfinch60

                Thank you Tony, Much appreciated.

                • Tony36


                • Scrambled Letters

                  I'm working on my smile 🙂

                  • Goldfinch60

                    I am sure it will be wonderful.

                  • Santita

                    This is so true, Goldie., It really could be the only sunshine someone sees. A wonderful reminder to spread kindness:)

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Thank you Santita, it can make a difference in many cases. It is the little things in our life that are so important to others.

                    • tepo

                      Beautiful sentiment
                      From a heart of gold finch
                      Go ahead punk made my day

                      • Goldfinch60

                        Thank you tepo, most kind.

                      • FredPeyer

                        Beautiful message, goldfinch! While waiting for boarding the plane, a young women beside me sneezed and I said "Bless you my child". (I always wanted to say that) You should have seen the reaction. She turned, probably expecting a priest, and a gave me a big smile.
                        Yes, smiling works all the time.

                        • Goldfinch60

                          It surely does Fred, it is so meaningful and so easy to do. It probably made that young woman and your day.

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