Thousands Tribute

Tune: Cranbrook

(one tune to 'O for a thousand tongues to sing')

Also known as 'On Ilkley Moor Bah 'tat!'

Lines are repeated as shown


O with a thousand poems sing

Every one them bring

To Him, Lord of Lords, King of Kings (x2)

Ascend on worship's wings (x3)


Millions of angels round your throne

They all your Lordship own

Giving you glory, praise and power (x2)

You rule o'er all each hour (x3)


There shall be countless praise e'ermore

And all from shore to shore

At Rapture they shall bend the knee (x2)

And confess Jesus, see (x3)


Shall confess Him as Lord always

Even to endless days

High triumph raise and victory (x2)

Eternal glories be (x3)


Make voice of His praise to be heard

Proclaim His living word

'Til every soul salvation knows (x2)

And in His image grows (x3)


What can we give, our tribute small

To Him the Lord of all

He Almighty and infinite (x2)

Source of perpetual ight (x3)


  • orchidee

    What am I doing on Ilkley Moor (in UK) without a hat (bah'tat)?!

  • Tony36

    Great write

  • Samreen Chowdhury

    Good write!

    • orchidee

      Thanks Samreen.


      Thanks for sharing STEVE ~ one of my FAVE HYMNS to one of my FAVE TUNES ~ Eeeee bah gum Lad ~ On Ilkley Moor Bah T'at ~ Wi' a full BRASS BAND ! Thought I'd died an' gone T'Heaven ! Loved your Poem as well ! Ilkley and Ilkley Moor are lovely ~ as you ascend from Ilkley there are 14 footbriges that criss cross the meandering stream that tumbles down from the Moor ~ and of course there is BETTY'S TEA SHOP ! We always sing "While Shepherds watched their Flocks by Night" to Ilkley Moor ~ try it ! Yours BRIAN. Please add a MONTH to my Fusion thanks B

      • orchidee

        Thanks Brian. Notice my 1,000th write?! Not all published as yet though.

      • Goldfinch60

        Our Choir sing The tune on Ikliey Moor to Hark the Herald as well.
        Good write.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Gold. I've reached 1,000 poems - not all published yet! Of course, we're both older than that. Be our 10 millionth birthdays soon!

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