HAPPY TEDDY BEAR ~ A Free Verse Acrostic Sonnet



HAVE you noticed

ALL Teddy Bears are


PERHAPS they don't worry like

YOU and I ?


TEDDY BEARS always smiling

ESPECIALLY when hugged

DO You react the same

DOES a loving hug make

You smile as well ?


BEARS come in

EVERY shape and texture

AND size and colour

REMEMBER to hug yours TODAY !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Hugs BRIAN


Last week at College after the Pensioners Lunch

a Lady gave a talk on the History of the Teddy Bear

Everyone brought a BEAR to show and tell ~ even 

the MEN !  Some ~ who are usually grumpy had a

Great Big Smile ~ Teddies have that effect ! IF you

are feeling sad ~ cuddle your BEAR it really cheers

you up ~ I know mine does ! Love to ALL Brian XOX 







  • Michael Edwards

    Most of us go gooey over a bear - what is it about them? Nice one Brian.


      THANKS MIKE ~ The fact is Teddies appeal to all the senses ! Sight ~ Scent ~ Sound (if the growl !) and of course Touch ~ Teddies are a Girl's (and a Boy's) best friend ~ at least up to puberty ! Yours BRIAN

    • orchidee

      Good write Brian. A preacher used to carry a teddy bear with him on all his travels. It caused some odd reactions. But it kept everyone humble. He was not eccentric or anything like that.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks STEVE ~ There is a Mantra "You can trust a Man with a TEDDY BEAR" so I always carry one when I'm on the ROAD. John Betjeman had a BEAR (Archibald) and Rowan Atkinson (Teddy) has one ~ They are both honorable MEN ! Yours "Big Bear BRIAN"

      • Fay Slimm.

        I love my collection of bears so I give lots of hugs and smile at each one. A lovely read Brian.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Ahhhhh FAY ~ You are a Perfect "Teddy Bear Girl" and it shines out in all your poems and pictures ~ its called EMPATHY ! Thanks for caring ~ Yours Teddy Bear Brian ~ Hugs @@@

        • Goldfinch60

          Good fun write. I still have mine from nearly seventy years ago, Scruffy by name and scruffy by nature.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks ANDY ~ You always come across as a "Teddy Bear MAN" SCRUFFY great name ~ I have a "Scruffy Bear" and when kids visit it's the first one they go for ! Yours BRUIN !

          • FredPeyer

            There is something special about teddy bears, had more than one when I was a kid. The name I think comes from Teddy Roosevelt, right?

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks for your comment FRED ~ They are special indeed ! In 1901 TEDDY ROOSEVELT was out Bear Hunting but they could not locate one ! However they did catch one ~ ALIVE ~ tied it to a Tree and invited TEDDY to shoot it ! Being a Sportsman & a Gentleman he refused ! So in 1902 a TOY BEAR was introduced to celebrate the Presidents action and called a TEDDY BEAR ! So they are 116 years old this year. A Single item collectors bear by STEIF & FUTON (luggage makers) was recently sold to a Female Japanese Collector for 2.2 Million Dollars ~ at a Charity Auction ! Hang on to your BEARS they might be valuable ! Yours BRIAN

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                CORRECTION ~ the Lady was SOUTH KOREAN ~ Jessie Kim and the collaboration was STEIFF and LOUIS VUITTON ! The Bear is now in the Teddy Bear Museum in JEJU ~ South Korea in a case of Bullet Proof GLASS ! Yours JOHN

              • Azura Nightsong

                Its funny how one of the most dangerous creatures out there we see as fuzzy huggable buddies, to the point where we must create stuffed animals to resist the urge to hug the murder bear hehe! Very nice!

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  AN ENIGMA INDEED AZURA ! The Teddy Bear was introduced in the USA in 1902 because the Presidents spared the life of a Young Bear when out shooting ! I have seen BROWN BEARS in the wild in the USA and Grizzlies in Vancouver Canada. Unfortunatley ~ while we were in Canada two Campers were killed by a Grizzly ! You don't mess with FERAL BEARS ~ but TEDDIES are lovely ! Yours BRIAN

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