CLAUSTROPHOBIA ~ An Acrostic Sonnet



CAN'T  imagine anything worse

LOST  and alone in an Underground Cave

AND WATER  trapped ~ O what a curse

UNDERGROUND STREAM ~ No one to save !

STARVING & FREEZING ~ cries go unheard

THERE  must be somebody around !

RESCUE  must come ~ OMG I am scared

O HOW I  hate it ~ confined and alone

BRAVE but SCARED ~ all my life's behind me !

I WANT to be FREE !  OMG please rescue me

A LIGHT and a SHOUT ~ OK BRIAN we'll get you out !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN


This poem is also posted as  FUSION "What makes

You scared ?"  Please add your own poem ~ THANKS


POTHOLING  (Spielology) is an Extreme Sport

and should never be attempted alone. You generally

have to get out the way you got in and water levels

can alter quickly ! It is a Worldwide Sport people

do die each year ~ as wit all extreme sports ! Don't

let that put you off ~ it is one of the most exhilarating

sports and it's like exploring another PLANET !  XOX   




    Thanks KAT ~ There are some amazing Cave Systems in the USA ~ it is like Mountaineering ~ only you are climbing DOWN and not UP ! MINERS are very brave people and were often the first to discover a CAVE SYSTEM ! I have lost Friends through Rock Climbing ~ but never through POTHOLING ! Warm Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@

  • Fay Slimm.

    Oh Brian - The very thought of underground exploration makes me shudder so give me terra firma every time my friend - - loved the clever rhyming however in this acrostic sonnet.


      THANKS FAY ~ Not everyone is enthused by POTHOLING and extreme Potholing is a real turnoff ! Pleased you liked the structure of the POEM ~ An acrostic sonnet is hard enough ~ to make it scan & rhyme is a miracle ~ this one just flowed ! Yours as ever BRIAN !

    • Lorna

      Drowning is my nightmare! I almost couldn't read this when I saw the picture! Oh you captured the terror all right!

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks LORNA ~ Having been raised on the Coast with the sea ~ lakes and lots of Swimming Pools I could swim as soon as I could walk ~ I have always loved Water and Waterfalls which has got me into some some hairy situations ~ especially Waterfall Climbs ! Water in caves is dangerous it can be much higher on the way out ~ than on the way in also the higher the water the lower the headroom ~ c'est la vie ! Thanks for commenting ~ Yours BRIAN

        • Lorna

          Shudder shudder..........

        • Michael Edwards

          I visited working coal mines before they were closed as part of underground construction projects - not something I would wish to repeat. this brings back the memories - thanks Brian

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            YES MIKE ~ not a job for the claustrophobic ! I can understand why all TEEN MALES want to be FOOTBALLERS and all TEEN FEMALES ~ Models & Pop Stars we have some "would bes" in our extended Family I blame X-factor ! I have been down Mines ~ interesting environment. Miners I have spoken to say after a few months you just get used to it ! Thanks for y our comment BRIAN

          • orchidee

            A fine write Brian. Boo hoo, I was in a cave - safe enough, but they left me there. They heard me singing, and couldn't bear to be within 50 feet of me, even if they did want to rescue me! heehee.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks STEVE we have sung in caves (DERBYSHIRE) when touring with the CHOIR very eerie ~ great acoustics and echoes ~ I can see why they kept their distance ! Yours BRIAN

            • Azura Nightsong

              This never used to be a fear of mine until about sixth grade. Now this is the stuff of nightmares, and I'm glad to have visted the caves near where I live before I developed the fear. Nice write.

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                YES INDEED AZURA ~ They can be claustrophobic ! The worst experience for extreme potholers is beinbg trapped underground with no way of escape due to a ROCK FALL or rising water. Some carry diving gear if there is a lot of water. It used to be mainly MEN (with a death wish ! ) now there are more ladies ~ who have an advantage of being smaller and slimmer ! Yours BRIAN

              • Tony36

                Well written and expressed

              • Christina8

                Just the picture alone gave me pause. Great poem to go with it. I cannot believe there is a sport called "potholing"! Never heard of it. Nope, not for me! lol Anxious hugs--Christina

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks CHRIS it is a bit spooky for me ! Potholing or Caving is very popular all over the World ! The USA has some of the best CAVE SYSTEMS in the World but nit in every STATE ~ Kentucky has the most extensive of course ! I like Rock Climbing as well but try not to take too many risks or operate outside my experience ~ in all Sports ! I did want to jump in the Niagara (Horseshoe Falls) but did not have my WET SUIT and Crash Helmet (JOKE ?) Thanks for your concern ! Brotherly Hugs ~ BRIAN

                • Goldfinch60

                  I have been in a few caves but never potholing, good write Brian.

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