Michael Edwards






when two people:


share the same spoon

to taste the fare


tread the stairs

holding hands


share the same water

bathing together


share the same key

to unlock the door


wake in the morning

in each others arms


take it in turn

to wash the linen.





  • Goldfinch60

    I am going to wash the linen today!

    Being together in all things is so special.

    • Michael Edwards

      Down at the river or have you got one of those new fangled twin tubs?

      • Goldfinch60

        The pond is a little dirty so it will have to be down in The Avon. I have my rocks all prepared.

      • orchidee

        Good write Michael. Love is - me scoffing pork pies and downing sherries. A completely selfish love of course. I could never share them with anyone!
        Oh OK I will, but it's always porkies and sherries on the menu! heehee.

        • Michael Edwards

          porkies give me indigestion - love sherry - love is.

        • Laura

          Yes, Love should be all of what you’ve described it to be...and more! It would promote peace and less divorces! I like this write very much! Today, I’m washing the linens
          and he’s cooking!

          • Michael Edwards

            My awful sense of humour came into play with the linen one.

            I can't cook but I'm a wiz at food prep - we work well together.

            Thanks Laura

            • Laura

              I enjoyed your sense humor! Don’t stop!

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            • orchidee

              Or today - Love is...eating a pancake or ten!

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              YES MIKE ~ In my (limited) experience it always
              "Takes Two to Tango" When one is in LOVE ~

              Sky above is Brighter Blue
              Earth beneath is Softer Green
              Something gleams in every hue
              Loveless Eyes have never seen ......

              Thanks for sharing the 24/7 BLESSINGS of LOVE
              Yours as always ~ BRIAN
              Love the boat ~ QUINQUERIME of NINEVEH ?

            • Mottakeenur Rehman

              Love is lovely ...and your piece is also beautious enough!!

            • dusk arising

              Ha! wht do you know about love...she makes me wear her undies or she wont let me do the washing up - i tell you it gets damn chilly stood by the sink in february just in undies ...pah! real love.

              .omg.... you better believe this is tongue in cheek

              • Michael Edwards

                Oh gosh - now I've come across all unnecessary - tongue in cheek - now that conjures up all sorts of possibilities - thanks muchly dusk.

              • Christina8

                Such simple things but when there is such a deep and meaningful love between two people, you are glad to have that person to share all these things with. Great write!

              • FredPeyer

                Yes, love is all that, Michael, and much more like sharing our joys and sorrows, watching that sunset together, getting wet in the rain together, and.....letting the other one drive the car without any backseat driver comments!!!

                • Michael Edwards

                  Or even front seat comments - now that's true something or other - ta Fred

                • myself and me

                  Love is simple, easy and straight as this yet no so simple, easy and straight to have.

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