God's Mistake

Man is a vicious little virus

With a big ego

Who eats green things

And spews dark things

And will keep on keeping on

Until the bees and birds

Are gone


  • orchidee

    This is so Lorna, and not just when people are being nasty. I don't see it as a mistake, though I understand what you mean. It's all in God's plan of salvation, though we do not have infinite wisdom, as He does. Oh, and as I do too (well 99% of the time? lol).

    • Lorna

      Thanks Orchidee - but for myself, I have to disagree that anyone is pulling our strings.

      • orchidee

        Thanks Lorna. I can see how it can be seen as someone pulling our strings. Yet we have been given free-will. I don't see it as God working us as stringed puppets.

      • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

        hi lorna .. a well expressed poem here...'' man is a viscious little virus '' wow, thats such a strong and powerful line.. you know i kind of agree with you there, mankind , humanity , there is so much evil in this world, and it never seems to go away ! great write lorna.. i feel sad that i have to live in a world full of so much hatred, evil and cruelty , its not right , never has been

      • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

        god , if there is a god, he has nothing to do with the way human beings are .. unfortunately mankind is messed up .. i guess he wanted to create a nice world ... maybe he did but in the end , its the people who have ruined it with their big egos, their greed, false sense of superiority and evilness... i dont really have a belief in god but i guess he would want to have created a nice place of kindness . i don't know

        • Lorna

          Thanks Charlotte - well I think of "god" as "nature" and that has given everything to us for sure - and even though people are enthralled by it, mankind is killing it and self-destructing. I had a treeman by yesterday to price cutting a dead tree down and he told me there are about 3 species of trees in Connecticut that are dying of mysterious funguses which he believes are "environmental" in nature (global warming, acid rain, etc.). One property in Newtown has 300 beautiful white elm trees - ALL DEAD. It's just a no brainer to me not to mess with nature (God, Gaia). We live here! We return to it! Ranting today..............

          • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

            gosh, yeah dont mess with nature.. thats really quite sad .. all those trees dead and human beings are to blame, its so terrible isn't it . thats a lot of trees..

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          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            There is a lot of TRUTH in what you say . We are fortunate to live on Planet Earth which is the only LIVING PLANET in the Solar System ~ and possibly the MILKY WAY. Life on Earth is kept in EQUALIBRIUM by Natural Cycles ~ Powered by the SUN. Water Cycle ~ Nitrogen Cycle ~ Carbon Cycle ~ Oxygen cycle etc. The Flora & Fauna are part of these cycles and before the Industrial Revolution ~ Nature mined the CO2 content of the Atmosphere at 250ppm it is now 400ppm (and rising !) This has caused the ambient temperature to rise from 15 to 16C and sea level to rise by 6 inches due to melting of the ice caps etc and the oceans are polluted by PLASTIC to the detriment of Marine Life. The "Vicious Little Virus with the Big Ego" is only a minute fraction of "Life on Earth" but the damage He causes is a billion times more ! Not content to live as a "BUSHMAN" ~ in harmony with Nature ~ he morphed into "HITECHMAN" and is slowly killing Planet Earth and there is nowhere else for us to GO ! MAN has increased CO2 ~Ambient Temperature ~ Cut down Forests ~ Increased Desserts ~ Concreted over arable land ~ and reversibly polluted the ~ atmosphere ~ the hydrosphere and the biosphere ! If you have GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN ~ CRY FOR THEM NOW ~ because by 2100 most of Planet Earth will not be fit for the projected Human Population of 16 Billion ~ I rest my case ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

            • Lorna

              Yup and now he wants to go into space so he can spread more germs......

            • Accidental Poet

              Great poem Lorna. Personally, I believe in God and Heaven, but I believe man to be to source of the Earth's demise. There are many many wonderful people on this planet, but it's the mean, self-centered and wicked people on Earth that are ruining it for everyone. Who knows, maybe the second coming of Christ will take them all away and let us start anew. Excellent write Lorna.

            • Michael Edwards

              I am so sorry to have to agree with you Lorna - sadly the evil in this world has been driven by man and his mistaken beliefs and ego - and I guess it will ever be thus. Great poem.

              • Lorna

                Ego and greed and they go hand in hand. If they had more imagination they would see themselves as just the handfuls of dust that they really are - maybe that's what they are afraid of....

              • dusk arising

                I really am a big fan of the 'less is more' school of poetry and yours here today is a gem Lorna. Goes into my favs

              • Goldfinch60

                Very true Lorna, I hope that I am not hear on earth to see it.

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