BILLY GRAHAM R.I.P ~ An Acrostic Sonnet







WHENEVER  you heard him Preaching ~ on record

LIVE  ~ on TV or on Film it was like

LISTENING  to the Voice of JESUS

YOU  listened with your Mind ~ Heart and your SOUL !


GRAHAM  was born in Charlotte North Carolina  ~ USA

RAISED  on a Diary Farm ~ He was champion Milker

AND HIS FAMILY  were devout Christians ~ Southern Baptists !

HE STUDIED  at Florida Bible College and Wheaton College

AT WHERE  he met his Wife Ruth ~ He became a Baptist Minister 

Married in  1946 ~ they had 5 children and 28 Grandchildren !  He


REACHED  billions of People through his Ministry ~ Many

IMPLEMENTED a DECISION to become Committed Christians

PERHAPS  there will never be another like BILLY GRAHAM !


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Love BRIAN XOX


Billy Graham began his CRUSADE MINISTRY in Los Angeles USA

in 1949 and visited London England in 1955 (7 weeks) and Glasgow

Scotland in 1956. He had over 400 Crusades in 185 Countries

ably assisted by Canadian Soloist George Beverley Shea and Cliff

Barrows ~ Both were also called Home to Glory recently ~ BEV 

(103) & CLIFF (94).  Billy's last Crusade was in 2005, continued

to write Books (28 in all many of which were bestsellers in many

languages).  Today the World mourns for one of History's greatest

Christian Crusaders ~ But we rejoice for His Ministry & Legacy and

for the fact that he is now in Heaven with his Saviour (Jesus Christ)

and  reunited with Ruth ~ George and Cliff ~ AMEN ~ Yours BRIAN  


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  • LaurašŸŒ»

    Mio Caro Amico BRIAN...
    A great biographical tribute to the ONE AND ONLY! May he Rest In Peace! Grazie!
    Un Forte Abbraccio e Baci...


      GRAZIE ~ LAURA CARA MIA ~ Si BILLY GRAHAM era un Santo e amato da tutti Cristiani ~ He will REQUIEM in PACE ! Thanks or your appreciation ~ Baci e Abbracci e Amore ~ BRIAN Christiano Evangelico XOX

    • orchidee

      A wonderful tribute Brian. The world's a poorer place without such people. And yet in one way not poor - but a richer place, for all his legacy. I saw a robin recently, fleetingly. Did it come to sing a message to me of one more bright star in heaven?

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks STEVE ~ BG was a unique Christian ~ His legacy are his Books and the millions from each segment of the Globe ~ Who are working with the LORD and serving the ever growing Kingdom of God on Planet earth ~ AMEN. Robins are omens !

        There\'s one more SAINT up in Heaven
        There\'s one more STAR in the Sky
        BILLY we\'ll never forget you
        It\'s tough but we\'ll have to get by
        You\'re singing God\'s praise up in Glory
        With Ruth & Beverley ~ Cliff
        You have left us a wonderful story
        We are CERTAIN ~ no longer ask IF ?

        Yours BRIAN ~ A born-again Christian ~ AMEN !

        • orchidee

          Oohhh I know - of course I was at ALL the crusades - being millions of years old, I was in the ancient Crusades too? You seen my horse from there?!

        • Goldfinch60

          Very good write Brian, I guessed that you would write a tribute to Billy Graham as it was in my mind to write one but I decided to wait until I saw your offering today. Well done.

          • BRIAN & ANGELA

            Thanks ANDY ~ I pray that there will be other tributes to a very extraordinary Man of GOD. like Saul of Tarsus ~ Billy Graham was chosen by God ~ empowered by the Holy Spirit ~ To Preach the Pure & Simple Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Whole World in the 20th C. There will only be another Billy Graham if God so will it ! Pleased you enjoyed my tribute ~ Yours BRIAN

          • Michael Edwards

            I don't share the same views and I could expand but I'll resist as this is not the time so forgive me for not waxing lyrical but a fine write nonetheless.

            • BRIAN & ANGELA

              Thanks MIKE ~ Pleased you enjoyed it as \"An Acrostic Sonnet\" I did my best to encapsulate the life of one of the most important Men of the 2Oth C ! Thanks for your forbearance in respect of the Demise of Billy Graham ~ yesterday ! Yours BRIAN

            • ForeverJesus7

              I can go on forever about how I listened to Billy Graham, but to make a long story short, My mom and dad recieved salvation at one of his crusades in the seventies and my auntie in the eighties. My mom told me that as she grew up in Belieze in the fifties, she would get an American broadcast signal on her radio and would listen to him every morning and night. He was a great man. Now he is in heaven with Jesus.
              This is a great priece. I did not think anyone here would think about him.
              Persistence is key

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                THANKS FRIEND ~ thanks to your Personal reflections and the effectiveness of Billy's Preaching to encourage People to accept JESUS as their Saviour ! A very exceptional MAN ~ Yours BRIAN

              • Christina8

                A wonderful tribute to a great man. Loved by many. Great job! Sister Christina

                • BRIAN & ANGELA

                  Thanks CHRIS ~ pleased you enjoyed my tribute to a very exceptional MAN ! He was respected by all Christian Denominations and also by People of other Faiths and by Presidents & Monarchs throughout the World ! Unless it is by the "Will of God" we shall not see another Billy Graham in our generation. We have been privileged to share the final decades of his life & Ministry. I have visited the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte N Carolina ~ very moving ! Brotherly Hugs ~ BRIAN @@@@@@@

                • Beloved

                  Briansores....I first find out about Billy Graham when my preacher told me about him. Billy Graham keep things simple while preaching.

                  • BRIAN & ANGELA

                    Thanks BELOVED ~ Yes it was indeed his Simplicity ~ Sincerity and Spirit Filled Life ~ that made him such an effective Evangelist ! There are lots of BG Sermons on You Tube ~ You should check them out ~ OK. Thanks for your comment Yours BRIAN

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