Solemn Vow

Notice of absence from FredPeyer
Would like to let everyone (who might actually be interested) know that I will be gone from the site for a while due to work and time constraints. But since you all got along famously before I appeared, I have no doubt you will be getting along famously without me! :-)

Never did I close my eyes

To shut out fear and pain

Rather felt it was unwise

Quite stupid and arcane


Never did I try pull back

When called to forge ahead

Better to risk a smack

Than living life with dread


So that is why I now

Am not afraid of death

Swearing a solemn vow

To fight for every breath


  • Michael Edwards

    An appropriate write - every day my life gets shorter and I fill every day with as much as I can before it arrives - BUT - I'm still breathing so it's all okay for today at least.

    • FredPeyer

      Thanks so much for your kind reply, Michael. Yes, life gets shorter every day. But you know, it did that already when we were young! It is only now that we become more aware of it. I am confident that both of us will continue to breath for a long long time. And because of that knowledge of limited time, each day will be lived more intense and also with more gratefulness.

    • orchidee

      A fine write Fred. You breathing there?! I tried to stop breathing for 24 hours one day. It didn't work. Hmm, strange that!
      I know what you mean though. We don't think much of those things when younger. I suppose we don't need to. Yet of course, one does not have to be old to die.

      • FredPeyer

        Thanks orchie, and you are right. One does not have to be old. But when we are young we are much to busy and much too inexperienced to think about death.

        • orchidee

          Yes, thanks Fred. A story about age: A woman of about 90 was in church. They had a set service, with reading of the Ten Commandments included. She said 'What on earth am I doing in here, beseeching the Lord to keep me from adultery at my age?!'

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        • Fay Slimm

          Keep that love of breath going my friend as life's ageless gift means just that - much food for thought in this read Fred.

          • FredPeyer

            Thanks Fay! There is a show at the Polynesian Cultural Center with hula dancing, music, songs, and even fire dances, called Ha - Breath of Life. It is very beautiful and one of the 'must see' items for tourists.

          • Lorna

            Good thoughts Fred. Every once in a while when I think about death I wonder "why wait - I mean what's the point".... but then the sun comes out and it's a beautiful day and I just relax and say "there's no point to the pie so just enjoy it's flavor"!

            • FredPeyer

              Thank you Lorna! Why wait? Because there is a built in will to live. We don't know what tomorrow brings. It could be beautiful and worth waiting for! Like you say, let's enjoy the flavor!

            • Laura

              That last stanza says it all!
              I’m with you on that one!
              A fine write! I enjoyed the read...
              ...and that pie flavor!😉


              • FredPeyer

                Thank you Laura, that last stanza is kind of a 'declaration of war'. Even though we know we will ultimately lose, life is still worth fighting for.

                • Laura

                  It certainly is!😊

                • Accidental Poet

                  Life is to be lived to it's fullest Fred, and your poem here is a perfect example of that. Each day is a blessing we give to others and ourselves.

                  • FredPeyer

                    Thanks AP! When you are right you ARE right!

                  • Scrambled Letters

                    It is inevitable. No need to worry. Live and love.

                    • FredPeyer

                      Thanks SL! Yes, why worry about something we cannot control. Like the live and love part of your comment!

                    • Diamond

                      An fabulous read Fred. And strong 2 ending lines. Enjoyed very much.

                      • FredPeyer

                        Thanks so much, Diamond. So glad you enjoyed.

                      • LittleGift

                        Fred a wonderful piece, I absolutely love each day to its fullest. I don’t like to waste time. And as you say in this piece I plan to fight for every last breath and live as full a life as I possibly can. I tend not to think of age it's never been important to me. So I don’t tend to count the years. Life is to be lived. Some of us don’t get the pleasure to live so long. So I appreciate it every day.

                        Really great piece

                        • FredPeyer

                          Thank you LG! Unfortunately you had to experience a life cut short, so I am happy to read that you have not lost your zest for life. No matter how hard it seems at times, it is still worth it! Thank you for commenting!

                        • dusk arising

                          Lots of us begin to fear our passing less as we age. Accepting there is a season for all things and we are sooner or later to return our carbon to the planet.
                          But thoughts of the hereafter lighten the soul don't they.

                          • FredPeyer

                            Thank you da! Yes, the belief that the hereafter my be even better than the present is a big reason why many people do not fear death, which is only a doorway from one existence to another. At least as far as I am concerned!

                          • BRIAN & ANGELA

                            "O Death where is thy STING ~ O Grave where is thy VICTORY ?"

                            Thanks FRED ~ I have never been afraid of Death ~ and by God's grace I never will be ! Thanks for scaring ~ Yours BRIAN

                            • FredPeyer

                              Thank you for your great comment, Brian!

                            • Goldfinch60

                              Yes Fred, I am with you especially the last verse.

                              • FredPeyer

                                Thanks for this very meaningful comment, Goldie! Looks like we are in the same boat!

                                • Goldfinch60

                                  I hope that boat sails for a very long time to come, I will bring the Rioja.

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