Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is more than just a little feeling

It's a monstrous FEAR that denies

All rational thought you ever had

It'll make you panic till it hears your cries


Anxiety doesn't want you out and about

it wants you scared and in bed

Thinking of all the things that could happen

Living inside of your head


It feels like there is danger

and your body says its real

Anxiety wants you to get worked up

until it becomes a big and bigger deal


But I've had enough of this

I'm going to live my life and stand tall

I want to go exploring again

I want to have it all!



    GOOD MORNING ANGEL ~ The Title gave me some HOPE and the final stanza confirmed it ~ AMEN. We are all individuals and some are subject (more than others) to ANXIETY ! Your first three STANZAS describe it exactly as it is ~ I guess ! I love the positivity in Stanza four ! I've had enough ~ Wanna stand tall ~ Go exploring ~ Have it all ~ AMEN Big Brotherly HUGS for giving ANXIETY a kick in the BUM ! BRIAN @@@@@@@

    • Christina8

      Thanks so much dear Brian! I really appreciate your support! Always love your enthusiasm. Another beautiful day. Sister Christina

    • orchidee

      A fine write Christina. You may know: Fear = False Expectations Appearing Real. I think it's worse if we have free time to dwell on things in the near or distant future. Then (hopefully) the actual facing or doing of a thing, is not half as bad as we were worried it might be.
      We can be all floaty and upset with 'what if', 'may or not be', etc, and would slowly go mad if we worried about EVERY thing!

      • Christina8

        Thanks orchidee! No, I had not heard that. So I appreciate the insight! It's a beautiful day and I'll try to enjoy it!

      • Resa71

        I totally know what anxiety can do to our lives.
        A lot of people say “just get it together “.
        They have know idea how much I wish I could.
        I liked your poem.
        If you get a chance, check out my poem “ Anxiety”.

        • Christina8

          Ok, will do! Thanks for the read and liking my poem. It is hard to "get it together", isn't it? Well, it's easier on a beautiful day like today, just depends on whats happening. Thanks again!

        • w c

          Anxiety can really be a monster. Thanks for the write.

          • Christina8

            Thank you for reading and commenting! I do appreciate it! It is a monster.

          • Michael Edwards

            A powerful write and you will go exploring again - it takes courage to face up to your issues and that courage will see you through it Christina.

            • Christina8

              Thanks Michael. I know you are right. I appreciate the encouraging words! Thanks again!

            • Accidental Poet

              Excellent write on a common fear of anxiety. The advantage is yours though because as you say in your poem, you're aware of all those things and you can place yourself in a more powerful position over the anxiety to conquer it. Victory is yours Christina.

              • Christina8

                Thank you so much on such a heartfelt reply to my poem, AP! I am taking steps to overcome but I think it will always be with me in a way. Thanks again for the save and your encouragement!!

                • Accidental Poet

                  You're very welcome Christina. May you always have the power to overcome those anxieties.

                • Laura

                  Thank you for sharing this write! I understand what you’re going through! I experience anxiety and panic attacks! I can deal with the anxiety attacks better than the panic attacks because at least in the anxiety attacks I know the stressor. Once I get rid of the stressor, the anxiety goes away! Whereas the panic attack is unpredictable and unprovoked! No fun , that’s for sure! I empathize with you! Take care!


                  • Christina8

                    Yeah, the panic attacks are exceptionally awful, but rare, thank goodness. I thank you for reading my poem and sharing your experience. I appreciate the support and the fav. save. It's in both our hands to overcome this terrible foe. We have the strength! You take care as well!

                    • Laura

                      Thank you Christina!❤️

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Good for you Christina, go out and explore, you will be amazed at the wonder that is out there.

                      • Christina8

                        Well, thank you for the positive reply GF! I really appreciate it!

                      • Dysthymia

                        Appreciate the positivity in this poem. Thank you for this writing

                        • Christina8

                          My pleasure to write it and get my feelings about it out there. I think a lot of us struggle with some kind of anxiety. Thanks for reading and saving. I appreciate it!

                        • skyebellasario

                          Such an empowering write! Personally I have never encountered anxiety but I have a close friend who suffers from it frequently, I hope you go out there and explore :)

                          • Christina8

                            Thanks so much Skye! I really appreciate your reply and kind words!

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