Michael Edwards






Evolutionists get it all wrong

when they say we’ve evolved from primates

well I’ve been disputing this all along

and the argument escalates.



At first it may be that you disagree

but give it much thought if you can

for it seems so obvious to me:

it was apes that evolved from man.



  • Author: Michael Edwards (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 11th, 2018 00:13
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  • Michael Edwards

    A Sunday smile.

  • Goldfinch60

    I may agree with that, they certainly seem to be more at peace with themselves than homo sapiens is.

    • Michael Edwards

      And they've got more sense. Thanks Andy.

    • Resa71

      I really like this one Micheal:)

    • orchidee

      A fine write M.


      Thanks MICHAEL ~ Love the Poem ~ The Tudors knew how to build attractive Houses ! Your POEM poses a question MAN ~ Ape or Angel ~ During the Course of Civilisation over 1000's of years ~ Man has behaved ANGELICALLY and the Hospice Movement springs to mind "Death with Dignity" ! This contrasts with the INHUMAN behaviour of The Third Reich ~ I pray there won't be a FOURTH ! However when I look at my own Town ~ I see many more ANGELS than APES. This convinces me more than ever of the Unscientific Foundation of the THEORY of EVOLUTION and the TRUTH that Man did not EVOLVE but is a Special & Unique Creation in IMAGO DEO ~ AMEN Yours BRIAN

      • Michael Edwards

        And here's me thinking the EU was the Fourth Reich - cheers Brian

      • Lorna

        Came looking to see what you had for us this morning and what a great laugh! And apes can paint too!

        • Michael Edwards

          To paraphrase Picasso: ' it took years leaning to paint and a lifetime learning to paint like an ape. Cheers Lorna.

        • willyweed

          'more wonderful work my friend. ww

        • Echo Seeker

          Lol, I loved it!

          • Michael Edwards

            So pleased you like it - thanks for the comment.

          • Laura🌻

            This is a nice one, Michael!
            The write...
            Food for thought!
            The painting...
            A masterpiece!
            Love it!


            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks Laura - the building is a Bed and Breakfast which is just about 100yds from me here in the village

              • Laura🌻

                So if I ever come to your part of the world, I can stay there?

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              • Suresh

                WHAT!!!! You insult the ape, by calling man evolved....

                Loved it

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