Demons of Stupidity

Here comes the News

To interrupt my lovely cup of tea

To set my teeth on edge

To set me wondering why

The politicians thrive

And stay alive

When all they do

Besides perfecting stealing, cheating, telling lies

Is make us wish

That they would die

And let us digest

The rest

Of our breakfast


  • Laura🌻

    A fine bite of a write, Lorna!
    So much truth said...
    Love that Dogbert!
    Time for some buttered
    Irish soda bread...
    without the agita!


    • Lorna

      Thanks for reminding what day it is!!! Almost forgot about St. Paddy.........

      • Laura🌻

        Have a good day, my friend!🍀

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks LORNA ~ I love Dogbert too ~ Astute & to the point. Problem is we must have POLITICS ~ and that spawns Politicians and the two are as bad as each other. HILLARY or DONALD was a difficult decision ! I'm Left Wing (Socialist) so I would have voted for Hillary ! Better a DEVIL you know than a TWEETER ! Try not to get on the wrong side of PUTIN ~ the UK has ! Every Blessing & HUGS ~ BRIAN @@@

        • Lorna

          Hmmmm.....let's see - the choices..... a seasoned politician, very smart (albeit sometimes irritating) and a dunce who is basically a brown shirt dressed in a white shirt................

        • willyweed

          I agree impeach all of them, they all suck! great sentiment ww

        • Michael Edwards

          Sadly most only achieve office because of their background - in the Uk because of their upper class status and - or so it appears to me- in the US because of the size of their purse, And they call it democracy.

        • Patricia LaFazia

          Love this!!

          • Lorna

            Thank you!

          • Goldfinch60

            As I have said so many times before

            "How do you know when a politician is lying?"
            "Their lips move!"

            Good strong write.

            • Lorna

              Ha ha! Well whatever it is they are doing, it is obviously good for their health because they never die..............

            • yellowrose

              lol ! great poem , lorna ! don't let anything ruin your lovely cup of tea, those politicians don't deserve our time and attention , don't let anything stress you , especially not them , just drink your tea and enjoy it . x

              • Lorna

                I am weaning myself off the news - take it in short bursts only!

                • yellowrose

                  yes. i never watch the news, its always negative, i do not even listen to the radio .. wheres any positive news .. its all filled with negative events and bad things happening , who wants to listen to that , i don't . we all know bad things happen in this world, we all know but do we have to always listen to the news. i'm not so sure that listening to the news , helps any of us.. why bombard ourselves with news of more bad events or more stupid/ dumb people, when we could just DRINK TEA x

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